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Improving the New Player Experience

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When I first joined 2014. Everything was overwhelming. 

My most overwhelming issue was movement not being explained. I essentially felt like here you go here's the game. I had no idea about weapons or how to mod them....until recently I'm not using auto install. 

Endo, mods, forma, relics and reactant, different types of elemental damage wasn't very well explained. 

I quit in 2014. Came back late 2015 quit late 2015 to the within the first week of 2016 only to come back late 2017 (November) and hooked up with a few knowledgable people who actually explained mastery rank means you have to level up different weapons and frames in order to progress in the game. Because you know I was mr 4 and frustrated it was not going up at all even after putting in a bout 100 hours in a week. 

Thankfully I was able to get into a really good clan and I'm much happier and knowledgeable. 

I don't think 2 hours is enough to explain everything. If warframe was a veggie it be an onion. The first 2 hours is just that papery brown skin and that underlying skin. There is so much more then those 2 hours that isn't covered. 

I think the best way to fix it is to move the tutorials to a statue by the seemingly pointless scanner in the ship. One that players can interact with. 

I came across a trio of mr5s who tried to take on the eidolon and quit because they felt warframe was too unfriendly to the new players. I tried to explain its a boss and your too low to be fighting it but they didnt listen. Their feeling was I'm shooting it my weapons are doing 0 damage....why...I think if there was a way to program it so if you haven't completed second dream and shoot at it....it would teleport away might fix that.

I feel if the statue was in the ship possibly filled with more then the current tutorials but players helping players tutorials as well it would help a lot of new players avoid the helpless thrown to the wolves feeling of everything being overwhelming. 

I don't believe its just new players either. I felt overwhelmed kinda recently with octavias anthem. Where to get the parts besides the bp wasn't clear. Thankfully Google knows all so that confused now what feeling didnt last long.

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Honestly exposing low MR players to the Plains so early on is a mistake. One because they might end up in a group and see lots of *spoilers* running around during Eid fights if they hop in them. There's no reason anyone should be guided to Cetus or the Plains before completing The War Within. I get wanting to show off the new baby, but I can't think of another game that's so eager to do so that it drops newbies in out of their depth and on top of that spoils things that they won't find out about until much later. Secondly, because they simply aren't geared for even the regular mobs, ghouls, and bounties that they might encounter, let alone getting pulled into things like Plague Star. That just needs to be scrapped immediately.

The secondary issues have been pointed out again and again. Players need explanation about:

  • Potatoes and what they do
  • Mods, broken mods, and the like
  • Forma and its value
  • Endo and its us with mods
  • Relics
  • How fissures work and that they shouldn't be messing around with them until they have relics

The fact that players in clan and in chat constantly get frustrated about these same things over and over again shows that there's a problem. Do many get through them and keep playing? Yes, but many do not, and many who do--myself included--still remember how horribly or completely unexplained those things were.

Lastly, the quest chains need to be cleaned up. There is no reason to have to repeat the Arid Lancer Scans via multiple runs through the same zone, especially when it's not made clear that they only spawn if you get a message from Simaris. Why even have players load in only to get no spawn? Why make players run the same tile over, and over, and over again to progress? You're patently telling new players that Warframe is not about grind, but about tedium and wasting their effort and energy with that approach. Respect your players and make them feel immersed in your game. It's bad enough that point is already where people joining their group at any regular intervals begins to flag, but to add that on top of it is going to make people walk away.

I'd go into more about specific mission issues, but I've seen players write lengthy posts just about problems with the story missions--myself included--and very little has changed as of yet, so I'll save my energy for the grind to come in game since the effort here probably will go for naught =p

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I remember I was SUPER confused about mods, what are all those icons on them why are some broken and others not, that are those things when you fuse or sell them and stuff. It's not really well explained in-game, and even looking at the wiki didn't help much, I just played around with it (and wasted a lots of credits, mods and endo!) until figured everything out. And turned out it's so important part of the game, I think it really could use a more in-depth tutorial.

Also, I thought you could only buy things from the market with plat, somehow I missed the buy blueprint button. But that's probably on me.

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