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Improving the New Player Experience

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I´ve been lookin a lot of new players experinces in YT, first plays and such, I think a lot of players meander around the orbiter without checking the codex and all the help it can bring, I think it could be a great help and nothing overbearing if a tutorial option where added to the ESC menu that takes you to the tutorials in the codex, since is a button very commonly used. This option could be available for only a couple of hrs. or mastery ranks, to ensure players run into it, then remove it to avoid clutter. Of course some additional information on those entries could help too.

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27 minutes ago, Daealis said:

The first real obstacle that I think is really hindering the experience overall, is that you need to go all the way to Jupiter to be able to craft your second warframe...But since all these frames require Control Modules, you are stuck with your starter frame until you reach Jupiter, or you can get someone to taxi you there, and until you farm Plastids from Phobos.

Control Modules drop in the section of the Void accessible from Phobos. No need to go to Jupiter.

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Well, there were small things and there were big things. Let's start with the small.

HUD explanation

The one in the game is really insufficient. I have been gaming for a while, so red for shields and blue for energy is pretty straightforward to me, but affinity bars were not, I had no idea what affinity icon was, let alone what it did, and it took me a month to realize that Iron skin had a tiny number on its icon to tell me how much health was left.


They are context sensitive. Also, they exist!

Melee channeling

It took me a while to google what the noise meant when I pressed my LMB in melee mode. This is especially bad because players will get a melee weapon as a first thing in the tutorial and first thing you do in these games after getting a weapon is pressing LMB.

Advanced parkour

Had to dig into the codex for this one, and it's not so much advanced as essential for even vaguely keeping up with the rest of playerbase.

Broken mods

Get rid of these. You don't want your player to find out they are pointless and feel annoyance and frustration over the lost resources as one of the first things he does in a game. It's not a lot of endo and credits in retrospect, but those first hours and days, even base resources are really scarce, and finding out you threw some of those out of a window stings.

And now for the big ones


These need a lot more explanation in how they work, I basically had to scour the forums to get an idea. Players should also get some guaranteed basic mods from the starting quests or junctions - these are mods that are pretty much required in almost every build under the sun:

  • two out of Intensify, Streamline, Stretch trio
  • Serration
  • Hornet strike
  • Pressure point
  • one elemental mod per weapon
  • Thief's wit

Thief's wit is especially important, the most frustrating thing I ever did in Warframe short of farming bugged Lephantis was locating cephalon fragments for one of the early junctions without a loot radar mod.

Information access

Overhaul to codex could work, but let's be real, to make it useful, you'd need to write out what every ability really does in detail, put in good search, proper categories etc etc, and that's months of work on the interface, not to mention actually writing the entries.

Swallow your pride and let the players know about the wiki in game. Let them know it's not a part of DE, but let them know it's out there, because as it currently stands, the players will either find out about it anyway, or just leave in frustration.

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Please, please, please have the word "Affinity Distribution" as a linkable text that will show a table on how affinity is acquired in the game when clicked. I'm not asking for micro detailed list just something basic that you can copy/paste from the Wikia. Almost all newer players assume the only way you can obtain affinity for your frame and weapons is through shared kills only, which is simply not the case. Having a clickable table in-game will help to dilute the misinformation about how affinity is acquired and will assist in helping newer players level their gear faster. 

Rough Draft Example:
                                                                                                                   Warframe                                                                  Weapons/Gear

  • Kill an enemy with a Warframe ability.                                         100% affinity goes into the Warframe.                       No affinity into gear.
  • Kill an enemy with a weapon.                                                       50% affinity goes into the Warframe.                         50% affinity goes into the killing weapon.
  • Be near an allied Tenno when they kill an enemy.                    25% affinity goes into the Warframe.                         75% affinity is split among all equipped gear.
  • Syndicate Radial Effects.                                                              100% affinity goes into the Warframe.                       No affinity into gear.

*Note: All equipped gear that is level 30 will still obtain affinity despite it being at max rank and it is recommended that you unequip all gear that is level 30, unless you are going for the 50% / 50% affinity split. Furthermore, it is recommended that using syndicate weapons while leveling your frame does offer you the edge in obtaining more affinity for the frame.


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I am MR 24 and have played Warframe since day 1 on Xbox so I don't remember my own starting experience, and it has greatly changed during that time.

So my feedback comes from new players I've been helping recently.

- It is not clear where to get new warframes : some new players went through the first planets to their junctions without having fought the boss and so, didn't know how to get new frames.

- The market shows by default to buy in platinum and can make people think they're forced to spend real money (I had to explain that everything gameplay-wise could be earnt in game)

- Better help and incentive to learn how to move in warframe (bullet jump, double jump, aim glide to reach far distances, ...)

- Better help to know where to get resources: it is not obvious when going in the foundry where to go to have the missing resources for a blueprint.Thanks.


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Allow players to start with all 3 starter frames. I picked Excalibur and was stuck with him and hated it. I absolutely love playing mag and Volt though.

Also let players have damaged arua cards. I personally think players should start with a small selection of damaged mods to play with and see how the game works. 

The most difficult part of the game is not having any energy and health regain in the early missions.


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11 hours ago, [DE]DeckardPain said:
  • Were there some things that were too overwhelming or confusing during these first 2 hours?

Mobdef/Defense/Interception for sure. Even as someone who's been playing since 2014 a lot of defense maps just have too many angles for enemies to show up from without using overlay map and at least 50m of enemy radar to keep track of them. The earth defense map is remarkably confusing with having over 7 different lanes over at least a 300 degree circle that the enemy can appear from. The interception maps are just a complete mess to handle all the different ways enemies can show up over the entire field, especially since THERE IS NO INDICATION ON THE INGAME HUD THAT A POINT IS BEING CAPTURED.

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It's been so long since I started and plenty of people here have already voiced many if not all the new player issues i can think of. However, I would like to make as suggestion that was posted a while back by /u/novaphaux on r/Warframe. I think this would be a great addition to the game if the resources can be pulled together to make it a reality. https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/7aqqju/de_needs_to_make_teshins_training_grounds/


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Hi there!

I'm a relatively new player who just joined for about 20 days now. I am MR 7, currently maining a low energy/s Ember build.

Until today, as I've been telling my friends who invited me to play, I'm still going "WTF", "Wait, what just happened?", "Huh? What?", "Wait, hold on". And that's been the majority of my reaction to playing warframe so far. Yes, I am enjoying myself. But man, its a convoluted mess.

First 2 hours

- We need to know the movement, not just here's run, here's slide. We kinda need a platformer / clan trial thing to run through with bullet jump, wall climb, the works. 

For me, I wasn't even using bullet jump until 10 hours in? 2-3 days later? Heck, my friends were telling me how I would wish bullet jump was in every game, and I'm like. What's bullet jump? Maybe I missed the memo during the tutorial.

- Ship tour doesn't do anything

Showing me around my ship did little good because you guys are basically telling us "OK these are your tools to which you can _______". I had noidea what a damaged mod was and thought the gold rare mod was "it". Until a clannie showed me that I was using the troll version and not the actual version. This confused the hell out of me. 

- Arsenal UI is not intuitive

Having a summary of the arsenal / skills and all and skills hidden behind menus wasn't a good experience personally. I had no idea what Excalibur did and what I could even do with the frame. For many times I thought all frames were just different skins of each other. I just used my gun the whole time until I realized pressing the number buttons did something, but I didn't know what they were until I opened the Abilities section with the help from a friend.

Being Overwhelmed

- Jumping into Warframe itself is overwhelming, there seems to be so much to do, all at once. 

You guys seriously need to compartmentalize the new player experience. Maybe a first dream sequence of sorts, From weapon types to mods to movement, we need to understand what each does in relation to the other. How to build a working warframe build for starters - Mods and all. Without us having to watch multiple youtube videos just to get an idea how things work.


- Mods? Endo? Scuptures?

I just ran node to node to node solo until I kept dying. And couldn't figure out why. Then it was explained to me that I had to mod my warframe, but I didn't have the mods, and didn't know where to even begin to look. I really felt helpless several times because I honestly didn't know what to do and where to go to look for the things I required. AFTER watching several videos on mods and where to look for them, I kinda got the gist and began the hunt. Honestly, it wasn't pretty, but I got through that gauntlet nonetheless

TLDR; The new player experience has much room for improvement, there are many mechanics that I still personally don't understand now, but half the fun is understanding it yourself and "getting gud". What a new player needs is shown how powerful a Warframe can get and show them step by step how to achieve that with relative little youtube, wiki, what have you external resources. One Starter (Role of Choice) Rank 30 Warframe / Gun / Secondary / Weapon, fully modded - should be the tutorial.


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The new player experience could be helped most by some sort of mentor system integrated to the game. having a mentor was essential to me.

Offer the possibility for veteran players over then rank of 15 for example to assist new players by accompanying them in low level missions which they have not yet completed. If they do a certain number in a row (ex: 3), give a special reward once per week (ex: a veiled riven mod, a bunch of kuva, etc)... Explain that the goal of this system is for the veteran player to assist the new player by introducing them and giving them knowledge (not just to "carry" the mission).

Otherwise, the codex needs to be better explained (how can i check what weapons i've mastered and what i need to master). There needs to be a damage types tutorial in the game (how to use different elemental mod combinations to make different elements).

The market needs a rework to show new players very easily in one spot what they can buy with CREDITS. I didn't understand the whole credits only/blueprints only thing at all.

"There are 3 ways you can purchase things in the market:

* purchase the item outright for credits - here are all the items you can purchase for credits (most important for new players)
* purchase a blueprint for credits then make things with materials you acquire in the game - here is the option to display "blueprints only"
* purchase an item for platinum - you don't need to do this to get items because the game is not pay2win. Its a shortcut if you really want something right now."

There should also maybe be an introduction to each planet/area maybe explaining a bit what's interesting on this planet: what resources can i get, why would i want those things, etc..

The advanced movement tutorial is ESSENTIAL and should be integrated into one of the first quests you do. It shouldn't be something optional.

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1. Mods and modding are essential to the game, but are completely unexplained.

2. The Starchart and Junctions. Since Starchart 3.0 came out, it should be clarified about how to progress through the game more clearly. 

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Give a tutorial on this:

- What is mod capacity? How to improve it (leveling up the item, mastery rank tied to minium capacity, reactor/catalyst)

- What are polarities? How they work (using less/more mod capacity), how to add one (forma), why you should add them (using less mod capacity gives room for more/stronger mods)

- What are A B C slots for? (More builds) and how to equip them

- Think twice before using a reactor/catalyst, they're rare.

- Rank up your items to max level to increase your overall MR.


I've helped quite a few people with the beginning of the game, and these are always the most confusing things!

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I really feel that Endo could do with some form of tutorial, and the process of upgrading mods.

Also, nothing really to do with early game, but it'd be nice if we had some introduction to whatever the hell Kuva siphoning is. I had no idea what it was, and it just got thrown at my face. I spent ages trying to shoot the fat bloke before I realized I didn't even need to bother with 'em.

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Relatively new player so I do have some fresh memories of my first hours within Warframe. Now I'm sure some of the things are already implemented, but at the start of my experience I was a little overwhelmed so I could have just missed it. 

-RIght off the bat when you choose your first warframe I feel there should be a disclaimer indicating this is not the same as other rpgs. When I was selecting I was thinking this was similar to classes, a choice that was pretty permanent. Some insight on the fact that other warframes will become quickly and easily available might ease the pressure at the start of the game. 

-Descriptions of abilities themselves could really use much more depth. Perhaps not from the start menu, but maybe in the arsenal give a better breakdown of each ability (example: as a newbie I saw that there was a health number associated with Volt's 4 but nowhere in the text was it indicated that was the damage cap of the ability). Also maybe drops some newbie tips and fun interactions they could look for. 

-I feel there can be a tutorial mission where you should buy a blueprint from the market. First playing I thought a lot of stuff was locked behind a pay-wall because the first things you see are all the current bundles. Maybe a change of the market menu screen to avoid these and have some recommended early purchases. Put a flashing tab or indicate that these are some good ideas to start with. (I wish I would have picked the lex earlier in my warframe adventures). 

-Explanation on levels were confusing since there are separate levels for everything. Early on give an indication about how levels grant mod upgrades as opposed to making the weapon stronger than the previous level, and on that note emphasize the importance of mod. Took me a second to realize mods= power. 

-I've used the wiki a lot, so maybe a possibly more in depth info cache built into the codex would be nice. Say I need x for the next blueprint, you could search in the codex where to find it and how rare it was (also show examples of what the drop looks like, and the bigger clusters of them look like. Cell array v orokin cell drop)

-A bigger emphasis on completion of the star map I think would help people naturally progress quicker and get access to better things. Also access to more seasoned players

-This community is one the best I have ever experienced and I would like to see if it could be implemented even further! Perhaps allow some players to pick up missions to "Help a new Tenno" this could be another chat forum. And they can help run them through different missions and be willing to supply advice to new players. Maybe an incentive like a resource booster or something like that could do that. Maybe a review at the end of it, and if they are friendly enough then they gain access to the reward

Right now I think I've ranted enough, and hopefully I provided some ideas that are new for you to work with. Thanks for all the work in advance, and I'm really glad I stumbled on this game

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1. Get rid of broken mods. I like them in concept, but in practice it's a hurdle.

2. Give players Serration, Hornet Strike, and Pressure Point. Ensure that they know these mods are core and to start ranking them up.

3. Make it clear that players can have more than one active foundry task at the same time.

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  • What were some things you wish Warframe taught you in the first 2 hours

Off the top of my head it would be currently the introduction of the revised movement system. A platforming section should be integrated into the first level, shortly after getting a melee weapon.

  • Were there some things that were too overwhelming or confusing during these first 2 hours

Mods and how they affect the game, unnecessary confusion with broken mods does not help either

  • Any other obstacles that stood out to you at the beginning of your Warframe experience, or any particular items you feel a new player would benefit from

The cluttered and prehistoric menus and how the bad and unintutive DELogic can be

This WoT, is a mishmash of personal observations and possibly some hints on how to fix some issues, no Tl;Dr included

I replayed Once Awake & Vor's Prize and when Starchart 3.0 released. With the mindset of a four year 'veteran' I had no real issues getting through. I'll list below what irks me and things I constantly have to explain to newbies:

The introductory speeches are fancy and worldbuilding is really snazzy, I immediately ignored them. Instead I would prefer letterboxes, much like they exist in the first tutorial mission, to be clicked away with a prompt in front of each of the different stations, but they have to stay available in the foreground until the player reaches Ceres Junction.
As strong as the gameplay is, player retention dies in the clunky and windows XP era menus.

Please give the Codex a proper overhaul like you did with the market, revise keywords.
* remove the top layer of codex (QUESTS, UNIVERSE, TRAINING, MISSIONS) or list them on the left side, revealing all of the different sections when codex is opened
* searchbar needs to be more prominent and needs to show results from all subsections
* Seperate Arcanes from Relics and move MODS and RELICS to their own respective parts of the codex
* list damagetypes and give proper hints which would be most suited to fight each faction by introducing each of them.
* remove the whole "???????????????" in mods and rewards, it's frustrating to everyone, especially newbies turn to the various public chats to be schooled "that warframe cannot explain itself and players are to be using the wikia or the googles".
* Add links to codex in the various stations to reduce senseless menu-browsing and clicking
* crosslink the relevant frames, weapons, gear, objects in Market to Codex.
* explain how the "Codex Scanner" works and how it's tied to the codex!
* display the "Movement 2.0" testlevel more prominently and tie it into the tutorial, I can't even see it currently anymore

* Displaying Alerts is great but you need to explain that players cannot do them unless they have the respective node unlocked, or they ask in the proper chat for a taxi
* display more prominently how relics work and tie it into the questline or into one of those fancy codex entries
* move VOID RELIC REFINEMENT to the vacant console (left hand side of the navigation)
* link Quests to Codex (within the navigation menu)
* Please add info about resources that can be found on each planet when it's selected AND the player hovers with the mouse over it
* Explain the different Matchmaking types
* Highlight nodes when they are selected from the top right bar, this is especially annoying when dealing with selecting invasions and nodes that have multiple events
* Explain and force players within Vor's Prize to go to a relay and Maroo's Bazaar

Market needs some getting used to, but  it needs better sets of keywords
* introduce all weapons to Market, even the ones that cannot be bought for from plat (Syndicate and Cetus and some Clantech weapons) weirdly enough some clantch shows up in arsenal for plat,
* When I search for "whip" I'm looking for whips and not the "Huntress Bundle" even though it includes a mod that cannot be use by whips, also "Lacera" and "Mios" are no whips but the missing "Scoliac" is.
Inconsistencies like these puts players off and annoys espeially for the less hardened and more impatient new players.

Public chats need a proper introduction as well, their rules need to be more visible. I'd propose some sort of overlay that needs to be clicked away for every player until reaching Mars Junction.
* prompt the /? or /help in a different color and more often

Arsenal needs to be uncluttered. Please remove the "SELECT MODE", "LOADOUT OPTIONS" and integrate them into the left menus.
* remove the top-layers of Loadouts, and introduce the pop-outs you have in Market
* The joke is getting old, you can reduce the size of EMOTES, Bungie has different issues now!
* Crosslink or integrate Abilities into the Upgrade-menu displaying how each of the abilities are affected
* Require new players to upgrade a mod within the questline and show and explain the use of Forma, Exilus and Taters
* Remove broken mods, or at least explain that those mods will just be usefull during the tutorial and the proper ones will have to be procured in later gameplay (add links to codex!) Maybe introduce the ability to dissolve broken mods into the complete amount of endo that has been put into them.



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The single most important feature you could add at this point, all things being equal, is a "Suggested for You" tab in the market that only shows you weapons you can make and use with the things available to you RIGHT NOW. At your current mastery rank. With only materials available at the planets you currently have access to.


I have no idea how a new player is meant to sort through 200+ weapons to figure out what they can make, when they barely know what they have access to materialwise.

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Take a page out of the EVE Online playbook, and instead of producing a ton of tutorial content yourselves (which will need no end of updating in an ongoing game, that you simply do not have the staff to commit to), crowd-source a lot of that work. ie. :

Implement a Rookie chat channel - In EVE every new player, for their first 30 days, has the new-player channel as their default channel.  The only other players who have access are volunteer moderators/guides.  (a Warframe version could be open to all players, but instead have a more severe (non-bot, due to issues with that system) kick/ban system, where existing moderators have far more power to keep unwanted influences (ie. trolls) out of the new-player channel).  Permit players in that channel to ask for help with missions (because the same people who are most willing to help in missions, are the ones who will be sat in a new player channel to answer questions).  A huge side-benefit to your existing Region channel, is that a large amount of 'bandwidth' that is currently spent answering the same newbie questions over-and-over, will be freed up, reducing the annoyance factor of being in region for a lot of older players.

Officially Support New-Player friendly clans/alliances - EVE has corporations like EVE University (very organised new player corp, of which I am an alumni), Brave Newbies (far less organised/more casual than E-Uni), Red vs Blue (for newer players who want to get straight into PvP), and Agony (Probably the single best corp supporting those who want to get seriously into PvP.  Usually requires learning the basics in one of the other corps mentioned here, before being accepted on organised events).  All of these corps are supported by CCP (EVE's Devs), by mentioning them in official new player guides (CCP even discontinued their official wiki, and its front page now points to the wikis of E-Uni and Brave Newbies).

Allow HTTP links to selected 3rd party sites to be posted in the game's chat channels - ie. warframe.wikia.com, warframe-builder.com, www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/*, officially supported clans when you get there.  We can already open links in the 'News' console in our orbiters inside the Steam browser.  The same could be done with the usual '3rd party site, not fully under our control' disclaimer for links from chat (EVE even used to have its own web browser built right into the game, except it became a paint to keep it up to date).

Allow linking full loadouts to chat, instead of just mods (and please, don't put mods into the game until their implementation is feature-complete.  That means when they are available for use, we should be able to link them in chat) - Better yet, have someone take a look at the chat-linking API in World of Warcraft, and borrow heavily from there.

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:nerd: ok here's an geeky one


Give us the ability to check on Clan/ Allies/Friends Mod deck

Allot of newcommers don't now if there mod decks are good enough for themselfs ( seeing this question allot )

and in this way advance players can help out aswell ( i hope this can be in an view option and adjusting )

this is something i realy miss :sadcry:

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Started playing Warframe about a year ago and the first thing my friend did (he invited me and was going to do his best to keep me playing) was trading some auras and stances to me along with resource and exp runs on the planets that I didn't imagine to visit in the first few days.

Not long ago my gf started playing too and she strongly refused to get any help but to run missions together. That was much harder start since before I noticed she spent relatively large amounts of endo and credits on broken mods, had no idea how to upgrade really essential mods and not enough resources to do it and so on.

IMHO, this few changes would help new players a lot:

  1. Make Broken mods upgrade cost near to zero but make them a bit weaker so they won't fit best builds but they will be of a large help in the beginning.
  2. Move Physique aura from Europa junction to, for example, Venus of Mercury junction with some hint on how to use it. A mission to get a stance for a weapon you choose in the first mission will help too. And a hint to max it out as soon as possible.
  3. Add more tutorials/guiding articles about Starchart and availability of nodes and planets, how to buy weapon/warframe blueprints from the Market/Arsenal, why some blueprints aren't available and add a list of items you can buy for credits without crafting them.
  4. Add tutorial similar to Simaris scanning simulation about advanced movement. Not like that "press Ctrl to crouch" in Vor's Prize, but really useful tricks like bullet jumping, aim glide, wall latch etc.
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If the game gave players the right questions to ask then it's doing good. I'm not expecting players to know everything but they need basics on modding and the codex. Once they're there they can ask the community about the specifics. But if they aren't pointed in that direction then they're just lost.

EDIT: got in touch with a friend of mine who's new to the game, he said that he's appreciate a way to trial a weapon before committing to grind to it and invest forma / slots / resources. I thought that was silly at first but thinking that new players have such limited warframe and weapon slots it made more sense.

Syndicate explanations are also one of those things that new players know that they're around but they have no idea what to do with them or what the benifit is of having them.


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I think it's important that "essential" mods like serration and streamline are more instantly accessible for new players. Broken versions just aren't enough and they can make a world off difference in helping players get over that first wall they might run into. Still with regards to mods, I see countless players that get all the way up to saturn~ish only to hit a wall because they still don't know how to properly upgrade and mod their gear. It's sort of a common misconception among newer players that mods don't make any difference, that they are just slight bonuses and true power comes from just getting your gear to level 30, when in reality mods are absolutely required for all except the most masochistic of players.

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- There were these weapons being MR locked and I had no idea what Mastery Rank was and how to get it.

- Had no idea what IPS and status/ status procs did and what faction they were good against (In one of the starting quests it was explained only for Fire that it's effective against the Infestation when you receive the fire mod)

- I wish I had more Warframe slots. Unlike weapons, which can, for the most part, be rebuilt easily , deleting Warframes is a far greater loss. New players often tend to delete their quest Warframes not knowing that they can't get them again after completing the quest)

- Substituting Mag with another starter Warframe or adding more Warframes to choose from.

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Welcome ... again i guess DeckardPain ^.^ 

for the new player experience i actualy noticed that new tenno do not understand properly the following

1 - How modding works ( polarity ,how to augment a mod and how to increase points either potato or levels)

2 - How mastery rank works

3 - How the types of missions works ( excavation energy cell , Survival supply , SPY MISSSIONS !!!!)

4 - This one gonna sound silly but a lot of new tenno dont know HOW TO USE THAT CHAT TAB. Basicly they can read us but dont know how to reply ^.^ 

5 - How the economy works

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New players often don't know what the Node System is about to travel through the Solar System.

In addition there pop up different mission types that aren't explained at all. Like Alerts, Dark Sector Missions, etc.

New players often have trouble to understand how Excavation/Endless Mission works.

Several Subsystems aren't explained: Blocking/Parrying. Wall Letch. Combo Attacks. Etc.

People have often trouble getting past the Plains Of Eidolon.

It needs a better introduction for players and especially new players. The majority don't know that you only need to do one Bounty Mission to get to the next node. Maybe somekind of cutscene or something along those lines to gain "intel" about the Ostron and their troubles would be nice (currently the game throws the player in the experience without saying anything).

I don't know if this count (i think it is pretty far into the game) but I have a clan with 5 new players and everyone outright dislike Archwing and asks: "Are there even mods for my Archwing?" Give them after the introduction quest damaged Archwing Mods. They feel extremly underpowered.

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