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Improving the New Player Experience

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just look in region chat or Relay chat.  There is a low of simple questions that could be answered if the Link in chat could also open up and highlight the codex entry.

Resources could list the regions it is found in.  Mods could link to the enemies or mission rewards.

and please for the love of Lotus update the Clan UI.  it only displays 19 members at a time in 2 main lists (online and offline)  that is constantly changing, imposssible to download even as a CSV, and the Clan log only lasts for about a day for Clan activity and never shows who invited someone

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In-game information should be as expansive as the wiki. Please, make the wiki obsolete by putting all of that information into the game.

Explain better how mastery works. Explain how affinity is different from mastery. Explain how forma works. Just, explain more things.

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"What were some things you wish Warframe taught you in the first 2 hours?"

Overall, Warframe needs better access to information on how to do things like mod/forma/potato gear or research weapons in a dojo (those are just a few examples).  The only reason why I learned Warframe faster than average is because the friend who introduced me and taught me the game has been a veteran since shortly after the game's release.  Without that guidance, it would have taken me much longer, and I could have even quit.  The Warframe wikipedia is a nice website, but usually unknown to new players.  Perhaps if in-game information is too lengthy to program, then in-game hyperlinks could open up in a Steam browser to direct the player to the wiki page about a certain subject.  That small improvement could be a major help.

"Were there some things that were too overwhelming or confusing during these first 2 hours?"

Not much different than anything I mentioned above.  Thorough information on modding and methods on how to farm would be helpful.

"Can you recall any points in which you or a friend weren't sure what they were supposed to be doing during the first 2 hours?"

As long as information is readily available, the basics of the game are self-explanatory: Play through star chart, looks for resources, level up, defeat bosses, etc.

"Any other obstacles that stood out to you at the beginning of your Warframe experience, or any particular items you feel a new player would benefit from."

A special quest to teach new players specifically how to potato and forma their Warframe and a weapon of their choice would be a nice addition.  A new player might need a free potato at the start to understand what they are for and why they would want one.  And maybe a few free forma too.  After completing all of the current basics -- Vor's Prize, archwing, mod segment, relic segment -- another quest could be added where the rewards for completing the quest are a reactor, a catalyst, and maybe three forma.  The quest would then teach how and when to use them.

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5.2k hours in according to my steam profile I bring you my humble opinion on what I think are the biggest issues I think new players run into, I've got lots of really good feedback for that I've been introducing new players to the game at least monthly ever since I started and I always have some very consistent comments.

First off the ever so dreadful question 'What do I do with my starter plat?', I think that this is a really great opportunity to look at starter plat amount and restrictions imposed on it, its already restricted so that you can't use it for in game trading (mostly I guess because of issues with multiple accounts and not just because of wanting to limit the benefits you can get for that plat so early on), so why not make it a little bit more, just enough so that the game in some kind of tutorial ish way would showcase players how mastery works in the way that you get how much mastery depending on levelling different types of gear or frames or companions, how that scales for every mr test and what players need to do to always push for more MR, by default you get one warframe slot extra to the one you have for your starter, why not adding in 12p to the starter plat pool and taking off that extra warframe slot so that players are shown they can get more in the market and forcing them to do so through a market tutorial, adding 20p so that they are shown that more valuable gear warrants a potato, then show new players where to get rhino, farm it (forcibly maybe?) and after getting the parts using some of this 'restricted begginer plat' to show them how to rush items and then potato them and the benefits of doing so, also telling them that its not really worth it to throw out gear unless you have a strictly better version of a certain weapon or frame.

Second point I want to make is what to do in order to travel from one place to another, the game doesn't have any tutorial ish way to show that you need to use junctions to travel from one place to another and that you need to complete the objectives on those before being able to unlock a 'boss fight' (could also be a good time to touch the reason of why I'm placing quotes there) so that they could travel to a new planet.

Third point would be touching the mod system, its confusing AF for new players, they are not shown what goes where and why, they aren't shown damage types and their benefits, they aren't shown the fact that they must take advantage of the best stats of each frame and weapon to actually have it do stuff and you could take some time there to show how deep the system goes with potatoes, forma and levelling and there you could show players the meaning of affinity, affinity range and how xp is gained differently through different means (like the fact that you get 100% affinity to your frame if you use warframe powers to get kills vs getting 25% xp to your frame and the remaining 75% to the rest of your gear and such)

Fourth one is players are not shown the importance of quests, how to get new quests and show them their way around the codex, the usual ways to get new frames and where to get them, would be nice if drop locations showed on warframe profiles on the codex, some frames don't show what their niche is through their profile so maybe that could get a revision, maybe the warframe profile videos could be linked on each warframe page or something so that players could get a better overview of what a frame does, maybe more in the way Riot did with LoL by having a video preview in client for every ability to show off what it does and how it works shortly but so that people understand some more heavy descriptions

Fifth point would be that there needs to be something that shows players how to farm for some stuff efficiently, I get lots of questions around the system with the void and prime weapons and such and it would be great to use a relic tutorial to show players what kind of stuff is tradeable with other players and where to look for to do trading and such and the importance of the community, the way droptables and the loot system works in warframe in general and buildables and such, I remember the first thing I thought when I went to the codex and started searching for something good to work towards as a new player I saw the word prime repeatedly and saw shiny so I was immediately like 'where tf do I get this I neeed it <3' and there's no good explanation as to where relics drop and where to better get them, how they work and how trading works.

There's many things that can be taken advantage off to shortcut to get a very nice new player experience and show them their way around a very complicated system in a much easier way since warframe has so many complex systems that new players can't diggest by just playing around with stuff, it would be much better if they where shown their way around.


Hope I didn't bore you out but if you need more feedback I guess those more in depth walls of text might help a lot :)

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there's a warframe podcast called "tennoclock" that I enjoy, they had this as one of their weekly topics just this week.

here's a link to the episode and (should be) the time they start this topic.  


cheers :)

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i remember that after the first 2 hours i already wanted to quit lol, the info bomb that gets released on the player without explanation was overwhelming, so my aproach for the first hours would be taking it slower, make the player discover/unlock the features one at a time, with detailed and easy accessible tutorials.

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How much resource are you looking to put into the NPE?

Could you create a half dozen new quests, covering a new player's first 2-20 hours of gameplay?

Because there is a ton of stuff to learn, and you absolutely cannot just throw it all at a player and expect it to stick. But you could spread it across a long time period, perhaps even locking it off until the player has done the relevant quest (just like you currently do! see also: Archwings, Kubrows). Seriously, disable advanced parkour until the player has unlocked it. stuff like that. Quests give players a purpose; unlocking more kit to play with is a great goal for a player to have. Look at all the people who love unlocking new stuff while they play, for example, Metroid.

You could make an entire game out of learning the "basics" of Warframe. New players can enjoy it. Me, personally; a lot of my enjoyment of a game comes from learning it. That enjoyment vanishes if I have to look it up; being taught by the game is fun. That's fun I barely had in Warframe, and I can never have, now that I know the game. I'd love for other players to have the chance.

And for those players who hate this kind of wait, give them an option to take a test which runs like an MR test and expects them to perform everything on a checklist, to be sure they know how. If they wanna just look it all up and skim through it, make that easy on them, let them do so in-game! A "skip" button is crappy, but a skip *system* could be good.

As I'm sure you're aware, balancing the NPE of slow players vs. those who want to blaze through the early game and hit the lategame ASAP can be a challenge. An option to skip the NPE easily but not utterly trivially might be...an option.

If you have the resources.

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Not to sound mean, cause I do not intent for it to sound that way, but... I really don't want to see this game become 100% hand-held walk me through every inch of the game.  I fully agree that the resources we do have to help others within the game -should- be connected up to the first parts of the game, but I feel like exploration and the freedom you get after vor's prize is special. I would love for old events to become part of the lore, I mean, they technically are, just only if you wiki it due to them being long past.

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New players usually stuck on the junctions after the vor's prize they dont know what to do they dont know which junction to go 

when they figure it out they cant find eximus enemies they stuck on how to upgrade mods and some of them dont know how to open the new maps sometimes even on high lv planets.

One of the biggest progress stopper is the howl of the kubrow quest its way too expensive and they cant even get the resources for it they needs to be able to enter saturn for nano spores.(if you could add power core materials to the void fissures t

and the UI i can imagine how they are strugle with it sometimes because our guiding point is yellow and its small.i dont think new players can even see that is the progress point because everything they see is new.

Last thing is they dont know how to get resources and from where.Where do i get neural sensors or x resource is my daily question that keeps repeating all the time.

Most of the players cant progress in their mission because they dont listen Lotus or Ordis.Most of the players gets stuck on the survival mission on their first time because as soon as they see the air support they activate it.Especially on the howl of the kubrow.


I think they need bigger icons or they need ordis to be there physically to wait on the progress point you could give new players the taxon immediately in the vors prize and ordis could use the taxon to be show to the players.

For power core resources you could add the resources on the void fissures.While they farm the prime parts they could also get nano spores control module or argon crystall.


Im pretty sure there are a few other things that i cant think of right now or other people already wrote all of them either way I am pretty sure this topic will help the new players so much Thank you for thinking about the topic and letting us give a word about the new players.

Edit:i forgot to mention nearly all the new players stucks on the stolen dreams retrieve the corpus archive especially

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Warframe starter selection: volts description is inacurate overall but especially untrue for a new player with zero abilities mods. 

You cannot "try before you buy" your starter Warframe. You have to make an uneducated blind selection that often leads to the next issue:

The "oh feck, I picked the wrong starter issue" one of the most regular and consistent questions I see posted to chat by new players: "I don't like my starter, how do I restart the game." well you can't restart the game you're only option is to build rhino playing a frame you don't like. 

Starter Warframe's are too far away from new players: volt is Clan tech, mag is mars (that's 4 planets in,  which is a lot more effort now than pre shadows of the rails due to junction tasks) and excal is on pluto one of the last planets in the system. These need to be more accessible to new players in case they hate their starter. 

The jackal should drop control modules. Currently you can get all the parts for rhino but be unable to build him unless you get lucky with a Cetus bountie or reach the void from phobos (2nd Planet has rhino can't build till 5th lame) 

Some players never learn even the basics of the parkour system. Suggestion: use mastery tests as tutorials early on. There is already a parkour 2.0 tutorial from when parkour 2.0 was first added, use that tutorial as an early mastery test. 

Credits in the early game are a nightmare until you get to ceres. You don't have enough unlocked to do alerts for cash. Everything in the game is a credit sink, you can't afford to upgrade mods, you can't afford to buy gun blueprints, when you get the gun blueprints you can't afford to build them. You end up spending more than half your time grinding credits just to feel like you are making character progression. 

You get howl of the kubrow very early in the game but new players cannot financially support a kubrow and this becomes a dead end cash sink for them until much  later. They also cannot complete the quest until saturn due to Nanospores. 

Europa and Saturn have a false progression stopper. If you 3 point complete all the rescues up to this point you will not get the spectre blueprint that can be built prior to Saturn. You need this spectre to progress to Saturn and Europa. Suggestion: put Nanospores on phobos in place of alloy plate. Alternatively award first rank spectre BP as a junction award earlier. 

What weapons you can craft at low Mr  may need to be adjusted in some cases see the spreadsheet below where I show the resource requirements, source and which planet you must have reached before being able to build any of these mastery 4 and below weapons. 


Edit: forgot to mention I set up a bunch of filters for that thing. Use the upside down triangle with a line coming out of the point to switch between them.

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Hello [DE]DeckardPain, (Love the Diablo reference).



As a recently new player to the game(2 weeks maybe) and I just recruited my cousin to join the game, I had a difficult time after the initial string of missions knowing what to do next or how to do most of the basic things with regard to my ship and the stations inside. This really was an apparent issue as my cousin joined and suffered the same conundrum. I have a few suggestions as there is a LOT to learn in this game that’s not really, well, explained but I LOVE IT. 


I think in-game tutorials or maybe an in-game “Help” function that you can disable in settings would be nice. By that I mean help boxes that pop-up to explain perhaps what certain stations do inside your ship as you approach them.


OR tutorials;

- A hud tutorial -  explain what’s on your hud i.e. this is your HP bar, this is your energy bar, this is the credit icon which shows how many credits you have credits are in-game currency used to purchase items.  

- Master Rank tutorials - Some items are MR locked, you can increase your MR by completing MR trials, Trials are available once every 24hrs, to access a trial do “this”, to be available for a trial you need too....etc

- Orokin, Farma, and Polarity tutorials - After reaching level 30 on a frame or weapon we should be prompted to go through a tutorial on these things. These are a huge part of making your Warframe stronger but there currently isn’t any explanation on these topics. 

- Ship tutorials - within your ship there are various stations. Navigation, codex, Mod, foundry etc. here’s where they are located, this is how they operate, etc. you could do these as an individual tutorial per station as you unlock them or after killing the first boss do one big tutorial that explains everything you have currently unlocked. How the arsenal station works for changing gear and equipping mods, how to upgrade mods at the mod station, how to use the codex to select new missions after you finish the initial chain, how to use the market to research gear/what items need to be farmed, etc.

- A Hacking tutorial - teaching players how to hack in the game and why/when you would need to do that.

- A “High Security Area” tutorial - explaining how the security areas function so you know how to disable laser traps above doors or patrolling drones.

- An advanced movement tutorial- explaining all the jumping combinations and abilities.

- there could literally be tutorials on nearly everything in this game.



These are just a few of my suggestions with regard to the new player learning curve that I think would really help new players understand the depth of this beautiful game and how to utilize it to enhance their gaming experience. 


Gameplay suggestions;

- Could we add some type of “Low HP” animation or effect? I’ve been smashing enemies at times and not realized i was about to die. 

- Could we add something similar for “out of energy” ?

- With all the beautiful affects in this game, as a new player I struggle to identify which abilities are coming from allies and which are from the enemy. Perhaps we could add some visual queue to allow the player to know they are taking damage? Sometimes i see poisons, fire, ice, etc and It’s unclear if an ally cast it or an enemy until the damage piles up and kills you.


Thanks for being open to feed back. i truly love this game and look forward to seeing it grow!!

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When I found my first undamaged version of a damaged mod, I thought "oh, I see, so there will be better and better versions of mods, so I should avoid investing too much into this undamaged heat mod because a better heat mod will come along in a bit".

If you aren't going to remove damaged mods, you should at least explain how unique they are and that there isn't any kind of mod progression until much later (primed mods - I don't know anything about them but a friend has told me they exist).

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The things that really annoys me when I was new to Warframe is when a player uses Ignis/ember to burn everything in one go, or somebody one shotting the boss before I can even see him for the first time, while running solo is viable, its not that fun playing alone and I was not strong enough to pass the mission without another player. Its not much of a trouble for me now but, for the new players this need to be look at, it'll ruin their experience of the game.

Suggestion:(1)Damage of frames/weapons should be scaled down based on MR level (,shouldn't be scaled down if its a low level frame/weapon)

Suggestion (2)Option for Duo party, people stealing your kill isn't fun, so too much people isn't that great. Why not duo then?

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On 21/12/2017 at 12:13 AM, (PS4)bigkeith24 said:

I started right at the beginning of this year, here are my thoughts:

1. Early credit gains are abysmal, they slow progression and a new players ability to try new weapons and find their playstyle.

2. Broken mods are equally abysmal, they need to be eliminated. If i had not watched a beginner guide i would have wasted many of my hard earned credits on these (see 1).

3. Clear direction on how to complete each mission type is missing, perhaps making the initial tutorial include a few more mission types, making it longer, would improve this situation.

4. Mastery rank tests are confusing and extremely cumbersome. The practice tests need to all include tutorials and tips for completion, and they need to be both repeatable and restartable (from pause) without leaving the test. Popping in and out of a relay, which could have any number of new people in it since you first arrived (changed from calm to busy or full), causes unnecessary lag and frustration because of the loading screens to get in to the test. If we are in there to practice we want to actually spend our time practicing rather than staring at loading screens. 

5. Make MR practice tests into tutorials. It would also give them replayability for players like me that went through a number of tests very quickly and eventually want to go back and practice the skills in those tests. For instance the hacking test is one of the best ways to practice difficult hacking for sorties, since ciphers are so easy to use I found that once I started sorties I didn't really have the skills to pay the bills on the harder consoles. I practiced and got better by replaying the test.

6. There needs to be clear direction about where to find and who many of the NPC's are. Darvo, maroo, simaris, teshin, all are found randomly without clear indication of what and who you have stumbled upon.  At a very minimum a dialogue could be added to explain what they do for first time encounters. Simaris is especially critical since he has the aforementioned MR tests. 

7. Better modding tutorials that are much more up front for new players.  For instance, combined elemental statuses are discussed in the codex tutorial but not in the tutorial from the modding screen.  

8. The tutorials themselves bury the lead.  They are all dynamic pretty pictures that have almost nothing to do with what the tutorial is supposed to convey.  The actual content is in text that often is difficult to read due to the dioramas behind them. Modding example again, why is there not a picture of the modding screen and slots with the order of precedence? You could easily make the moving pictures show adding two elements together and the damage numbers changing from the individual elements to the combined, then add a third and swap two to show how the order matters.

9. Make the simulacrum MUCH easier to find and usable for new players.  Allowing them to try new weapons before having to face the hordes of enemies and be a little more comfortable with the mechanics of each can only help a new player enjoy the game.  Putting non enemy targets in (like the MR test orbs) and removing the need for the key to enter the simulacrum would retain the scan for new enemies mechanism while allowing new players to utilize the simulacrum. 

10. Add the simulacrum to dojos as a room. This would allow experience players a much more controlled environment for taking new clan mates into the simulacrum (not to mention helping server load on relays). Which incidentally also fits in with the theme of dojos as a place to practice and teach clan mates skills.

11. Show required MR level in the market on all weapon thumbnails (no matter your current MR), this would actually help experienced players know what new players can and cannot use quickly and easily.  I know one of the most asked questions new players ask vets is what weapons they should get next. There are many answers to that question and allowing visibility on what MR weapons are locked at for new player makes that discussion much easier.

12. Steve once promised utility items like slots, forma, etc as MR test rewards, that would help early players (and vets) immensely.

I am sure there are other suggestions I could muster, but this list is very long already.

^ This!

I am a newb, started the game something like a month or so ago and I especially agree with point number 4 that bigkeith24 listed, mastery ranks were so confusing at first and I only just learnt a week ago that you can practice the tests at the relay. It was such a relief to know that I could practice them, but then to have to go back to the relay every time I failed a practice became a game of patience and frustration. The waiting to load out of the practice area to return to the relay and then load back into the practice, I seriously feel like pulling my hair out! What a waste of time... just add the ability to try again if you want, a message box at the end would be good, something like - "Do you want to try this practice again?" "Yes" "No"

Also the in game tutorials are soooooo NOT helpful as bigkeith24 points out in number 8.

That's all I have to say for now.

Thanks for hearing us out.


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On 12/22/2017 at 11:43 PM, Liew5439 said:

The things that really annoys me when I was new to Warframe is when a player uses Ignis/ember to burn everything in one go, or somebody one shotting the boss before I can even see him for the first time, while running solo is viable, its not that fun playing alone and I was not strong enough to pass the mission without another player. Its not much of a trouble for me now but, for the new players this need to be look at, it'll ruin their experience of the game.

I know the perfect solution for reply I posted earlier: Separate veteran players and new players in missions, so new player won't be in the same squad with the veteran players.

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1. Unlock the kubrow quest after the player has access to saturn and void. It feels like i need these things but where do i find them

2. Better UI- first time a player starts a mission eg doing capture for the first time open the codex instruction page about the mission. Also add the line that to check on it and other missions follow codex.  Same for first other type missions. Codex page for events eg acolyte event as they are confusing and new players dont know what to do 

3. Talk about extractors and nodes so they will know which planet to farm as rarely we notice the resources available on a planet list

4. Give something like 1 orokin cell or maybe 100 endo for completing codex scan of enemies and opening the codex page for the enemy.  So players will get familiarized with codex,  learn about enemies,  strength weakness build,  mod drops and lore for the lore savy

5. After 10 hr boredome is the worst enemy of new players.  Vor part is interesting but thats where it ends.  So we are in a solar map huge possibilities but don't know what to do.  So my proposed solution is bring an intreguing quest at that zone using vor so there is a countinuity (vor part of lore has no attachment to other quests).  So they will highly intrigued and pursue a bit more.  From natah and second dream things have a flow and players get hooked. So the gap between vor and the other quest arc is huge and needs a filler and somehow built on vor quest

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2 hours ago, Liew5439 said:

I know the perfect solution for reply I posted earlier: Separate veteran players and new players in missions, so new player won't be in the same squad with the veteran players.

I cannot recommend  that as when i joined warframe and was mr, 2 i came across high level players.  Some just finished the missions for me but i was wowed.  Saw their weapons and warframes and said i want those.  Plus many and i mean many stopped their rush to teach me and it was super fun and made the game more comfortable.  I can say where if not those many many veterans helping me showing me new tricks or boosting my morals and talj bout cool stuff i would not have stuck to the game as post vor and pre natah stage is boring as hell. 

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Having just started like a month ago I remember my new player experience pretty well. Some things that really need addressing are:

1: Bullet jump and Aim glide are super important and not even hinted at during the tutorial. (I didnt even see an aim glide until I was like MR 6 around saturn)

2: Show how a new warframe is obtained just like a weapon is too with component blueprints and a main blueprint. (Warframes are effectively classes and classes are never crafted in almost any other mmo).

3: Explain how mods are your combat effectiveness and how to equip/level up mods. I can also see how like many people mentioned some players would think mods are temporary especially since usually frames/weapons would primarily increase their strength by increasing their level.

4: ITEM DROPS. There was absolutely no information regarding what graphics were used for what item drops. The only ones I found to be intuitive were the health orbs and slightly less so the energy orbs. Endo I thought due to size and shinyness was some rare items. Orbs/ endo/ mods, rare mods, all the ammo types, normal resouces, and rare resources, and credits (EDIT: also void reactant] should all be shown and explained.

5: Explain how affinity isnt mastery and how MR is your real level and how item/frame levels are just that. Also be sure to inform new players that they'll need to build new frames/weapons and level them to gain more MR since maxed frames/weapons give none.

6: The 2,3, and 4 abilities are never mentioned. I knew my warframe had other abilities bc I looked up every frames abilities on the wiki so I could see who I wanted to play while the game downloaded but the tutorial only tells you how to use your 1.

7: Waypoint marker button and how they can be used to mark certain priority items (even after you've picked the item up) such as a rare resource need to be shown.

8: Abilities in general felt non-viable to me. Without max energy or efficiency mods your warframe is limited to only a couple casts per mission depending on your luck of dropping energy orbs. This was initially a large turnoff for me as I liked the idea of warframe abilities. It could be mentioned that mods will allow you to increase your energy pool and efficiency or even to regen energy.

9: Also this is more specific to my experience rather than something I experienced and think that many others did as well but I think the description between a prime frame and its normal counterpart should be explained, primes have better stats but the skills are the same and you can have either or both (and MR will only be obtained from one).

10: I can see how some players would be overwhelmed by the lack of direction. I decided on a frame I wanted and so knew I'd have to play through the missions to get to a certain resource/quest, but to someone brand new without having read anything before hand they'd have literally no motivation or clue what to do next. Along, with this unlocking new planets through nodes should be explained. 

11: Personally I'm used to looking up where to find resources on a wiki but I can see how many people think that it should be in the game, I think hovering over a resource in a blueprint should pop up a list of locations to obtain that resource. 

12: I'm not sure if frames are shown in the codex since ive only ever used it to start a quest but it'd be nice to see all frames in the game somewhere and be able to sort them by their ability to do various things either mission types or just in general such as survivability, damage, support etc....

13: explain how alerts and nightmare missions are ways to get rare mods/resources/blueprints.

14: Explain some of the various menus that you can access by pressing escape, inventory comes to mind but especially any that dont have a console in the orbiter.

15: Explain what glyphs are aka player icons.

16: If customising landing craft insint included in my #14 suggestion there should just be a small console to do it inside the orbiter.

17: Thiefs wit should be way more easily attainable considering how it's basically required to get through one of the junctions near mars.

18: Lastly, the game never showed me how to use a gear item, It took me a long time to figure out how to open the q menu and then forever and a day how to actually equip the codex scanner to scan cephalon frags for one of the early junctions.

19: post list: I also forgot to add that chat channels, along with "t" to talk and channel restrictions should be explained. Also trading, trade limits, and there should also be tutorials (at the appropriate MR) for syndicates (equipping sigils too) and clans especially since clans(clan dojos) are the source for so many weapon blueprints.

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I just found a weapon you can buy in the market. Not even the blueprint, just a weapon, you can straight up buy.

What's the point of this? By the time any player learns of it, they'll be past the point where a cheap, direct-purchase weapon is relevant to them. I'm MR5 and I only just discovered it.

Rejiggle, reformat, redo the market! Make it very obvious what's relevant to players at the level they're at; put the items in tiers; make it easy to navigate, easy to see lots of items, easy to see how expensive / lategame all of these items are. Perhaps highlight items you can craft right now (i.e. you have all the resources for them), maybe with a little green tick. A pink tinge could be added to all weapons that are weapons, not blueprints, while a steely grey tinge could highlight weapons you would need to spend plat to buy (like Dojo research weapons that can't be bought on the market).

You've got a bunch of nifty new-player tools and they're being ignored because new players can't know about them!

Speaking of new-player tools, Ostron standing would be a great way to introduce new players to syndicates without having to piss off a rival syndicate, but you never use it to explain anything to players. Consider it! It's a great opportunity you've set up right there. Disclaimer: I've yet to do anything regarding syndicates, so I don't know what you'd actually be teaching them, but I'm sure there's something.


EDIT: Could you add a microforma that's fairly easy to get, used as a tutorial item, and can only forma a weapon / warframe that has no polarities (to prevent it from being OP)? You can also use this item to teach players about potatoes; sure, it's not the same item, but the way it functions is similar enough that you can explain it to players as they do it.

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I hope you guys do something for returning players. I know when I take a break and come back, I'm absolutely clueless on what's changed and what I need to do now. It would be nice if the game kinda remembered the update I last logged in on and had a here's what's changed and how to access the new content instead of having to scower through the forums to find out all the new information. 


Just my thoughts. 

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My wife and I just started recently and there's a few things.

A lot of stuff falls into "Guide Dang It" when it comes to figuring out what things like some mods actually do, or what some icons are. I had to look up what some of the notifications in the upper right corner of the screen were. 

When sorting my duplicates in the Mods Station, please don't list mods that are equipped to weapons already.

Speaking of duplicates I shouldn't have to put one rank into everything just to prevent selling a mod I want to use later. It would make Endo-ing duplicates less of a task. 

Example: If I have 25 Shotgun Spaz mods, it should be listed as Unranked Shotgun Spaz, then 24 Duplicates of Shotgun Spaz. 

Also, please change the first log in to have some kinda start confirmation / options screen. It was a pretty horrible experience being thrown right into the game without being able to change any kind of visual or control settings first.

It's definitely past two hours in, but please make the archwing section of the arsenal more intuitive to get to. I had to look up how to access it because I never thought it would be in the Co-op / Conclave menu of my arsenal.

On the Quests section of the codex, please mark which quests are main ones better. My wife did the Plains of Eidolon bounty quest thinking it was a main story one, and got insta nuked because she wasn't aware of the stark difference in the day/night difficulty levels. She almost quit on the spot until I figured out that the quest listed after Saya's Vigil was the next newbie quest. Even if it was daytime, the ghouls are ridiculously high level and aggressive for a new player stumbling into the area. 

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