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Coloring Bugs In Posts


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Hello Community!


I experienced quite a nasty bug today, while using the color Cyan.


If I color it with [.color=cyan]YourText[./color] the text becomes cyan, just how it should be.

But, if I edit the post and save the edited post, the color either disappears or changes to blue!



It's not a major bug, but it's still quite annoying since I made a post that I update every now and then (and in this post, I colored quite a few things with cyan!


If you want to have a look, here it is:


(Hey! I can advertise my own posts in my own posts! Don't get mad!)





My suggestion to fix this issue: Add a color-button at the top of the editor (Where B  I  U  S stands).

So you can mark a text section and press the color-button, some colors show up and you can click one, then the marked text changes to that color.







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