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[Mocked]Corpus E Document: Hydra


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Please be reminded that Corporate Procedures are not recommendations. They are mandatory. They are designed to for the benefit and protection of all Corporation employees. They are designed for YOUR benefit and protection. Because YOU, the employees, are the greatest asset of the Corporation.

Title: Design Overview of HYbrid-Duty Regenerative Automaton (HYDRA)
Center for Advanced Robotics, Dynamic Intelligence, Automation and Communication



<sc transclude=true>
Security Clearance Level 64-5: Privileged/Confidential information is contained in this E-Document and is subject to Corporation Information Governance Policies. You may not use, copy, distribute or deliver to anyone this document (or any part of its contents ) or take any action in reliance on it without proper authorization. If you have accessed this document by mistake or from unauthorized sources, please notify Department 17 immediately by E-Stream and securely delete all the copies from the unauthorized systems. A TBCP should also be triggered from the last known host systems on which the document is found. All reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure the document is uncorrupted with no malware attached. As the Corporation cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage arising from the use of this document or attachments we recommend that you subject these to your virus checking and data-integration analysis procedures prior to use. You are reminded that breaching the Corporate Security Protocols will result in penalization ranging from revocation of employee bonus and reimbursements to full incarceration and Psychological Recalibration.


The HYDRA series of Automatons were originally designed for unmanned exploration of deeps space and unvisited planets. They have several key design features which distinguishes them from most other Corpus Robots.

1. They are true automatons. Unlike Proxies, which are remote-controlled (either by automated system or by an operator), an Automaton is an advanced, independent robot, capable of surveying a dynamic context, perform real-time analysis against a set of directives, establishing a solution, which can be a complex task-graph, and performing the tasks.  Quite often, the task-graph has pre-computed redundancy to deal with expected variances in the context. If there are drastic changes in the context which obsoletes the current task-graph, the Automaton will simply recompute a new one.

2. They are omni-purpose. Unlike many robots which are specially designed for performing a specific task efficiently, due to the nature of HYDRA robots being deployed in situations where it has little or no backup/support, they are made to be able to handle a wide range of tasks, allowing them to be used in a wide spectrum of missions: exploration, terra-forming, remote construction and even warfare.  Almost all HYDRA designs carries some form of nano-factory, which allowed it to fabricate a variety of parts and materials using whatever raw material available at the point of demand. The only difference between the designs is the micro-complexity and maximum scale of the items being fabricated. Of particular note are the classes designed for automated warfare, which have efficient factories that can manufacture ammunition at such a fast rate that the unit will theoretically never run out of ammo even if constantly in combat-use.

3. They are hybrid-powered. Most Corpus robots either use a sealed-in micro-fusion reactor, or a rechargeable battery module which can be used on the standard utility service ports which are found in all Corpus installations and on all Corpus Ships. Due to the need for HYDRA robots to function independently without support for extended period of time, they are usually fitted with multiple means of power generation, which includes Micro-Fusion cells, Solar Cells, and even a combustion generator that can use more primitive fuels. In addition to this, some models can actually construct external power generators that utilizes the environment, such as external solar panels, motor generators (water/wind), geo-thermal generators and bio-chemical generators.

4. They are "regenerative" i.e. capable of complete self-repair. As a result of the need for extended, isolated operation often in hostile environments, all HYDRA designs are capable of maintaining and repairing themselves as long as the damage-levels are still within the repairable threshold via the R-CORE module(one 100% functional R-CORE (doc?id=4033.06.10.19537-308745) with sufficient energy and material sources). The more advanced models usually have multiple R-COREs, which are independent controllers for the Regeneration routines, each with a mini-nano-factory capable of fabricating smaller parts to bootstrap repair processes in the event that the main nano-factories are damaged. Theoretically, as long as at least one R-CORE still function, the whole HYDRA unit can be restored given time, energy and materials. Note: There exist HYDRA designs based on variants of R-CORE (most notable is Class T and Class X)

List of projects that incorporates the HYDRA system:
HYDRA-01: aka "Hydra"
Originally prototype model HYDRA-P7B. The first HYDRA-integrated automaton that was designed to explore Jupiter's oceans of liquid hydrogen and succeeded in an extended unmanned mission after 122 previous failures. (reference document 3855.11.10.12347-4325). Unlike the acronym HYDRA, the model codename "Hydra" name is actually taken from "HYDrogen and extRA" which describes the enviroment that is is built for.

HYDRA-13: Advanced Marine EHC (Exploration, Harvest, Construction), aka "Kraken"
Originates as a by-product of the development of HYDRA-01, HYDRA-13 is actually successfully deployed earlier than HYDRA-01 due to the less-hostile terrastial ocean environment it is designed for. It is codenamed Kraken due to the form resembling ancient records of a mythical earth creature from pre-collapse era.

HYDRA-55: Sustainable Exploration and Resource Prospecting on Extended Non-stop Tour aka "Serpent"
A HYDRA based system designed for distant exploration of space, through a very energy-saving, non-stop, high-speed movement with minimized flight control (much like a comet). HYDRA-55 is also capable of ejecting an independent CHORE unit (HYDRA-507) while in-flight, that automatically builds sub-space communucation stations in newly explored territory to send back exploration data and to act as beacon for other follow-up missions, even after the Serpent moved to a new location far away. HYDRA-55 is usually programmed to return to the home space after a very long tour that can span tens or even hundreds of years, where collected physical samples can actually be retrieved.

HYDRA-C44: aka "Spider" or "Cobalt Spider"
This is the first real HYDRA based system to be designed from ground up for combat. Although designed mainly for ground domination, this incredibly robust unit can be directly launched from orbit to deploy on the planetary surface.

The full name of the development project is "COntinuous Battle-ready Automated Land Tank for Sub-orbital Phase Incursion Dominance of Extra-terrestial Region".
Sub-orbital Phase Incursion is taken from the Planetoid Incursion Protocol which describes the standard procedure for approaching, orbiting, landing and securing of a solid-surface Planetoid without prior Corporation presence. It refers to the phase just after Orbital Securing Phase, in which the entire orbit is secured from hostile presense.

To spearhead the ground occupation team, HYDRA-C44s are designed to be launched directly from ships in orbit, and enter the atmosphere and land the ground much in the way a meteor would crash-land onto a planet surface. The HYDRA-C44 is  initially in a compact mode covered by disposable shielding plates to protect it from the atmospheric friction during orbital entry as well as the shock during ground impact. Once a HYDRA-C44 lands, it will detach and abandon the shielding plates and deploy into the normal "walker" mode, where 6 robotic legs will allow it traverse all but the most difficult terrain. Although the unit is not designed for underwater operations, it can still function on the sea-floor though some of its standard armaments will not be usable.

Note: despite being code-named "Spider", the HYDRA-C44 only have 6 actual "legs". However, with its two larger front turrets, it can constitute the (scientifically inaccurate) image of an aggressive spider with raised fore legs.

An experimental prototype using Class TX R-COREs developed in [TOP SECRET]. [TOP SECRET: Data sections upgraded to Top Secret by order OS7-183746235. Under order OS7-183746235, all ongiong and planned research and development on Class TX R-COREs will be permanently terminated. With the exception of a master copy kept in Executive Archive 34, all present research data must be destroyed under supervision of Special Procedure Department as per Security Protocol DP15. All related research personnel and remaining staff of [TOP SECRET] must undergo class IIc Psychological Recalibration and kept under observations for at least 6 months before returning to normal duties.]

Quick Glossory (...transclusion complete)

CORE : Central Omni-purpose Reconstruction Engine. An module in certain systems which employs Nano-Fact technology to replicate objects from digital imprints of the same objects from previous Nano-Scans. It is different from CHORE in that it is meant to reconstruct highly-complex but smaller and stable objects or parts.

CHORE: Copius/Hazmat Omni-purpose Reconstruction Engine. A module in certain systems which employs Nano-Fact technology to replicate objects from digital imprints of the same objects from previous Nano-Scans. Similar to CORE in concept, but differs in scale and purpose. CHORE is a daisy-chainable large-scale factory module, designed for large scale structural construction, and reconstruction that involves hazardous materials.

HYDRA: Hybrid-Duty Regenerative Automaton. A class of automaton which can perform complete self-repair when damaged. Do not confuse with "Hydra" which is the first automaton design which incorporates the HYDRA system.

R-CORE : Regenerative Central Omni-purpose Reconstruction Engine. A specialized variant of CORE which is redesigned towards system damage control and automated repair. Unlike CORE, which is a module dependent on a host system, R-CORE can function independently as a mini-system with its own power supply. Its purpose is to survey and repair the host system in the event of the latter's failure. R-CORE after the 7th generation is even capable of rectifying/working around minor damage to the unit itself, which greatly improved the robustness of the host system. R-COREs connected in a network will allow complete regneration of the host system (including other R-COREs) as long as there is at least one fully functional R-CORE.

R-CORE Class T : A variant of R-CORE that can evolve changes in the host system. [TOP SECRET: Data sections upgraded to Top Secret by order OS7-183746235]

R-CORE Class X : A variant of R-CORE that can replicate the entire host system. The usual R-CORE (singular or network) in a host system will maintain and regenerate the host system if it is damaged, up to fully restoring the initial state during imprinting. Class X, however, will allow the host system to actually go above this by actually creating a duplicate of the host system, resulting in 2 (or more) identical independent host systems. This variant is used in some distributed host system of multiple physical units.

R-CORE Class TX : A variant of R-CORE. [TOP SECRET: Data sections upgraded to Top Secret by order OS7-183746235]. All research relate to this cluster is terminated after the disastrous laboratory accident on [TOP SECRET] (Reference Incident Report: [TOP SECRET])

R-CORE Class B : A variant of R-CORE that attempted to intergrate bio-computing techonology. [TOP SECRET: Data sections upgraded to Top Secret by order OS7-183746236]



Fragments of related documents "recovered" from operatives.


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The following are fragments of communication log snooped from Corpus databases, which seems to be recovered records from somewhere, filed as references.


From: K. Schult, Chief of Research, Team Delta-104
To: Alan Song, Logistic Manager, Research Facility [Classified]


The shipments for Sample-11 are late again. I have said this many times: we will need to ENSURE that the supply is UNINTERRUPTED if our experiments are to progress without hitches. Please tell Procurement Department to secure a new batch ASAP before next quarter-cycle, or I will have no choice but to notify "above" of the situations to explain our delays. Also, do remind them that although we have requested Sample-11 be shipped as live-samples, make sure they are properly contained! In addition, don't include any of the toxic varieties. Security personnel are disposable but experienced research staff are not easy to replace. The last lab accident costs us 2 full cycles just to get to replacement staff. You can ask them to send those to the Facility 16, though. Heard that they are doing something that requires more of the toxic variants.


P.S. Do you have spare Material-XVII for FEO? I just got a rare BP drop from the Neverland boss, but still lack that component to craft it. This BP is for an undiscovered item not listed in the FEO WikNet!! My IGN is going down in the game history of FEO! :P

From: Alan Song, Logistic Manager, Research Facility [Classified]
To: K. Schult, Chief of Research, Team Delta-104

"Dear Dr" K

The shipment delay is not our fault. There were suuposed to be two shipments coming in earlier this month. But one got ambushed by The Terrorists; the ship reactor was destroyed and took out the whole ship, along with the live-stock. The other had a Code 5. Yeah. it's another break out. Normally I would ridicule Procurement's ineptness at this point, but I can't really point fingers after our last "accident". The second shipment is still stranded in Sector 173, and no longer respond to any communication attempts. Security Department claimed that they wil will send a Salvage and Cleaning squad once they have the manpower, but I'd treat it as a total goner. There is one last shipment that was scheduled for end of the month, butwe can try to bump the order schedule. You know what? if this shipment should get lost, just go ahead report upwards. I give up on trying to organize this logistic nightmare with all the terrorists and monsters running around.

Btw, you were a step behind wrt the toxic variants. Procurement told me that Facility 16 staff actually went directly to their place took all of them away. I don't know what they are doing at 16, but I am glad we don't have to be anyhere near it.

Attached is the e-order to bump the pending shipment arrival. Please authorize.


P.S. What BP is that???? You've gotta let me Peek it when we go online later. I don't have Material-XVII, but Georgy may. If not, we can go farm Bushlands, where I think there is a region with a high drop rate for it. My current alt is a bit low level for that area, but if we bring Georgy in, we should be able to handle it without zipping back to camp every 10 minutes for recharge/healing.

From: K. Schult, Chief of Research, Team Delta-104
To: Alan Song, Logistic Manager, Research Facility [Classified]


I've authorized the shipment order. Please dispatch it asap.


P.S. I'll let you Peek at it once I get the Material-XVII. Trust me, it will be super. I'll ask George later when I do to t

Sorry, seems Georgy is paging me for some urgent matters. Need to go down to the labs to take a look. Catch you later.

From: George Hohmann, Research Leader, Team Delta-104 [Classified]
To: Emergency Broadcast channels

To all who can receive this messagge.
This is Research hFacility 15, [Classified]. We have a Class R Code 5.
Dr K Shult and majority of the senior staff are dead! All [Expletive filtered] dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our communication systems have failed. They knew hwere to strike.
they are aoutside the door and ti won't hold much longer.

Lucy, I love you.

From: ::corp.net/[Classified]
To: George Hohmann, Research Leader, Team Delta-104 [Classified]

This is an automatically generated reply. Please do not reply this message.
Please contact your local system administrator if there are further issues.

I'm sorry to have to inform you that the message returned below could not be delivered to one or more destinations.

For further assistance, please send mail to your local system administrator (XXXX)

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can delete your own text from the message returned be (garbled text)

From: J. Carlson, Operation Commander, Delta Fleet-71 orbitting [Classified]
To: M. F. Anders , Chief Technology Officer, Delta Fleet-71 orbitting [Classified]

The board is finally convinced that trying to integrate Sample-11 into Class TX/B is a bad idea It costs us ONE ENTIRE Research Outpost to prove that. Now we can only stare at the blasted rock below us, from the orbit. I am sending request for another two Class-3 Security Fleets to be stationed in orbit indeterminately, with a Cleansing Wing. Though it is going to drive those profit-minded tin-heads at Financial crazy, I think we may need to nuke the whole rock if the worst comes, which was what we should have done for 1075's case. Come to think of it, I kinda like Strategic Deparment's stance on that: if we retreat out of the sector totally, then it is no longer our problem. It will be the problem of whoever moves in, maybe our "Favorite Customer"?

In the meantime, I want your team to rig up something that will provide extended unmanned surveillance of both the surface and the surrounding space in the sector. I want uninterrupted surveillence and I also want automated weapons to fire the second I gave the order. You are authorized to install class II Armaments. There is also authorization for one class VII. Just point it at the planet and hook it up to a red button. I would normally hesitate if I had to be responsible for destruction of such scale, but I would very gladly push that button if only to take out those things along with the planet.


ps. And please get the subspace comm working. I have not logged into FEO for almost 3 whole days. I really need to hunt some Vargies to relieve this stress.

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Were you by any chance inspired by the Doom audio logs?


I like what's going on in the mails, but I think farming BP's is a little bit of a stretch for vulnerable human crewmen wouldn't you say?



FEO = Final Ecstasy Online, the latest in Corpus Entertainment. (Despite the title, it is PG13) ;)

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