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Auction System


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What if you need the game, is an auction system, so that players can trade items, weapons, planes .. etc.. that the game currently obligated to pay, so we are not talking about a free game, I agree that the company has to make a profit and if poneis any player auctions rarely buy it platinium, in fact you can remove or disellar unique weapons that only can be accessed through platinuin (weapons or objects without putting too high, with a small improvement with normal weapons would suffice) you could also add warframes new and only you can access by a platinium, so people would buy platinium and could exchange items, mods, weapons .. etc..


This I say that and seen thousands of F2p games with a lot of potential but by the greed of the company to raise money in the end the players (who are your pillars) tire and other game, for example riot games (I do not like to talk about competition) has a way of making money pretty good, gives you the option to buy game money or not, if you buy instead of taking one or two weeks to get X champion consegues it in a second, also like me and said before, they put Skins, that only money can buy the game.


In short:

-Auction system for players can exchange items, plans and other

-New weapons and objects "premium"so that the company does not lose money by the auction system


Forgive my English, I know it's pretty bad: p

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