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Warframe And It´s Lack Of Challenge!


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As the titel says.


Warframe lack so much challenge it´s unimaginable. But maybe it´s down to the development teams lacking the skill and imagination to add a challenge that rewards its players whit superior rewards.


Atm the only reward that you get is the option to polarize your arsenal and Warframes as much as you see fit.


Then once a Warframe and it´s arsenal is polarized to the max it´s the same deal over again.





Most other games have this progression state(grind) to it just as Warframe has but afther that you be able to put all of this effort into High end PvE or PvP where all your knowledge can be add to the end game experience.



Warframe does not have this. FIX it...


Atm Warframe is a time sinker whit no challenge and if the devs. doesn't care and have the imagination and skill to sort this out making ppl´s time worth it and the cash they put into this game then I hope by all my heart that this game fails.


Dont fail us Digital Extremes.




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