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Clawing at the corners of my mind, I feel something inside me.. Growling.. Shouting.. Hungry..


It screams at me for more, yet I can't control it.


A Beast.. No Tenno, Corpus or Grineer can understand.


It wells inside me like a Monster, trapped in its cage, throwing itself into the bars demanding it be free..


But for what?


Why am I doing these things? Why are my brothers and sisters here.. Why are they dead?


Oh god.. what have I done? What have become..?


My flesh, is not mine, what have they done to me? Why am I in so much pain?


No.. Not pain.. Hunger.. I am hungry..


I must have more.. No! What am I thinking! I can't have this happen to me.. I'm not one of them..


But they were so delicious..


..I must have more..


So much more..


I am so very hungry, please Lotus.. send more of my brothers and sisters here..


I am.. So Hungry..

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Oh dear, silly Tennoling...who says they can't?




They wear technocyte every second of their lives. If they could get infested, how are they not?



It has a ton of uses actually not just the infected bad juju. The suits are just a controlled use of technocyte for the powers etc etc



What makes you think the slightest malfunction will not produce infection?

Because we ARE technocyte.  Look at Dark Sector lore...  Its the same as Warframe Lore - Confirmed by devs in livestream 9.  We are the descendants of Hayden Tenno...  We aren't immune..  we just have a good reaction to it.

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