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[Warframe] Umbra, Shadow Based Warframe


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Umbra wields the power of shadow too mortifying effect. She disorients enemies, aids allies, and unleashes shadowy creations upon her unwitting enemies. Initially Umbra is comparable to Warframes like Loki and Volt, but comes into her own once her power pool rises. Early on she is fairly fragile and will remain so in comparison to other frames. Her powers are her strength and possibly her greatest weakness.



Gender: Female

Height: 5'8”

Appearance: Lithe and trim.




HP: 90 (200 at rank 30)

Shield: 100 (275 at rank 30)

Power: 150 (275 at rank 30)


Armor: 40

Sprint: 1.0


Polarities: x4, x1, x1


Aura Polarity:



Umbral Creation (Ultimate) – The Umbra summons forth shadowy creations that rush along the battle field, attacking all they see. [100 energy] [Mod space 10]


-Creations attack via a mix of melee and ranged. The speed at which they attack, results in damage comparable to normal damage dealing ultimate's.


Tenebra – Waving her hands over the area, the Umbra covers it with a tenebrous shroud of shadow. [100 energy] [Mod space 10]


-Enemies cannot see within the shroud. They lose any targets they were shooting at and enemies may wander around or they might decide to shoot blindly - potentially hitting their own allies. Tenno are unaffected and can see normally – with the lighting being a bit darker.


-Enemies with knock down affects may use it as well.


Shadow Vapor – The Umbra releases a cloud of shadowy vapor. Which organic enemies in the area, inhale. It causes them to begin to suffocate; effectively rendering them harmless. [75 energy] [Mod space 6]


-Affects all but MOA-like enemies.


Dark Energy – Releasing an umbral shroud over her allies, the Umbra fortifies her allies shields. [75 energy/ or 25 energy] [Mod space 4]


-If soloing, the ability only affects her and costs less energy.


Concept Art [Head Drawing]




Note: I'm looking to draw up some concept art and add flavor text to the abilities as time permits.


Constructive Criticism Welcome

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I put up a concept picture for Umbra. Its simply a head drawing for now. If I get more time, I will attempt a full body, or at least a bust, drawing. Not all of the shading I did, showed up. Thanks to the scanner. Otherwise, it would be a bit darker with more all around shading.


Also, since no one has seemed to like (or notice?) my Warframe concept, I will try and come up with some alternate ideas. I personally believe the Umbra has potential.

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The concept is cool, but she has far too many "high energy, high reward" moves. 


Umbral Creation is a great idea, however, being reliant on AI does not sound like something worthy of being an Ult. (unless done properly).


Tenebra sounds like Nyx's Chaos move, except far less effective.


If Shadow Vapor didn't use a lot of energy and stunned all enemies in the area, I could see it being a unique and useful move. If it is expensive and kills everything, it is almost a direct copy of Saryn's Miasma move.


Dark Energy sounds like a better version of Mag's Shield Polarize move. Therefore, it should cost more to cast than it.

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Energy Cost


My intent is to create a Warframe that diverges from the norm. All of the Warframes are nearly identical in that the structure of their powers are all but the same; except for flavor and some obvious ones - such as Chaos, Snowglobe, etc. My intention was to make a frame which was 'unique'. Not only in looks, but in play-style. This included energy cost. Its a strategy. The player needs to put some effort into energy management. That and having more cool ways to kill or mess with enemies is always fun.


Umbral Creation


Really, I would think it would be refreshing to see some AI shadow creations running around. Ripping and rending my enemies, while I chill and or take pot shots at enemies. It certainly would be different from Nova's and Saryn's just nuking things and seeing nothing but bright glowy energy and some FPS drop to boot.


As for the AI issue, its not that big of one. DE has designed a decent AI. Its far from perfect, yes. Yet, that's not an issue. What they have would be sufficient to create an AI-based Ultimate should they so choose to do so.




Suffocation as an affect, essentially stuns by virtue of someone suffocating. Sure, some resilient individuals could through force of will act while suffocating. They, however, would only hasten their own demise as they deplete their oxygen supply quicker.


If the power costs less, I feel it would be too powerful. Stunning enemies is what Vauban does (just adds in levitation). This just does it differently. For that matter, this ability should probably be a 100 energy cost ability, with the latter statement. Since it doesn't affect MOA like enemies, though, the 75 energy cost should be okay.


Dark Energy


I was unaware of Mags ability (I am researching the frames, but I haven't learned or memorized them all). However, Mag's is more powerful in my opinion, as it restores shields and or harms enemy shields. Dark Energy does not harm enemies, and it only grants a small layer on top of preexisting shields (I don't have numbers yes, but I imagine it being small, nothing really overly powerful).


Having said that, I'm not above ditching the ability. It does seem a bit out of place for Umbra. Yet, utility abilities are really what wins a mission for a good team. Enemies can get so much HP and shields that damage can only do so much in a pinch (especially when enemies are swarming).





As I said above, I want a frame which has a different play style. I wanted to design one which felt different from the preexisting ones. While my idea may not be the best way to go about it, I would still like more comments and suggestions.


I still do intend to make alternate abilities. I could very well tweak preexisting ones. This is only a concept after all.


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Ember is a FIRE based warframe. Frost is a COLD based warframe.


Just because Shadow seems more suited to fantasy, doesn't mean it can't work in a sci-fi setting. We already have two frames who are essentially elementalists, so Shadow can work superbly if the Dev's deem it appropriate to the feel they are going for.

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