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Rng - Something A Bit Funny, Yet True.


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"Dude, I got the Latron prime barrel, now I can build it!"


"Yeah dude! I can too!"



Oh the woes of the RNG gods... Get me SO close to building something, only to keep throwing me the same bone over and over again... :l


Well at least I'll be able to level my characters/weapons faster, this weekend. :3

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I gave up on this game while back. Just simply stopped playing.


I just find the fact of Layers on top of layers of RNG is an absolute idiotic idea. If there's an Oscar for the stupidest idea, this would be it.


One layer of RNG is manageable, not preferable, but manageable. But placing layers on top of layers?


Really now, do you expect every player to be no life losers that grind 24/7?


Most players who got fed up by this system, simply just left and gave up.


For me, I still have that tiniest thread of hope hanging there.


Thus I check the forum occasionally, hoping DE would finally pull their heads out of that tightest hole in the human body and start using their brains.

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