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Nova Am Drop/wormhole Visual Bug


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This Visual bug is basically a host vs. client issue, whenever I host as a Nova I can see all the visual effects of both my AM drop and Wormhole. However when I am not host AM drop seems to slow down and disappear after about 5-7 seconds. Visually it is gone, physically it is still there, i.e. I can still shoot it and make it explode but I can not see it. When it comes to Worm hole its not to big of an issue for game play seeing as the only thing happening is while hosting all the nice energy color and Wormhole "directional indicator" show up. The only thing that happens while not hosting is The Wormhole appears as the default Nova color and the is no "directional indicator".



(I know this is a known bug I'm just posting this to hopefully get a little more attention to this bug as it has not been fixed yet since Nova's release)

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