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Amci (Awesome Map Creator Idea)


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What is it?

Basically,AMCI is a flash-type map creator game,there you can move rooms and create new one

just like on dojo mini map


Is what all AMCI can do?


AMCI will also show: 

- Amount of resource spent dojo,group of rooms or each one of them.

- Description option for each room.

- Save option to share with clan mates or continue to construct it.

- (Insert your Awesome idea).


What is it purpose?

AMCI will help new clans make a plan of dojo before doing it.

I mean don't you ever have an idea like?

"Men,i'm sure this room would be looking better on another floor"


"Why did we build this room here?Now,then dojo is finished it have no sense"


"There where am i!Did i get wrong elevator again?"


Why do we(Our Awesome Community) need it?

Not all players are so skilled with drawing or programming as you our Awesome artist and for lot of players sharing a easy made plan of dojo with clan will help a lot.


Who will do what?


One of you our Awesome community artist or Digital Extremes(But i don't think i will be what lucky).

Of course you can change the name



What do you think of AMCI leave response at comments below or just like.

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