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Hosting Issue


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My friends and I use exp leeching runs to level our things up on kappa.  1 person (preferably an ember) runs around killing everything and the others just keep his energy up as trinity and don't kill anything.  It usually gives 30+k exp per weapon and I made a popular thread about it so you may have seen it done already.  I have a good connection and am afraid of other's having a slower one so I almost always host and every time I play the frame that kills everything we fail the mission.


For the exp event I've been doing runs with viewers on kappa and when I went to do the killing on my ember we kept failing the mission but when my friends would do it on their ember they would be fine and we would do the exact same thing.  Someone suggested that it may be a hosting issue and it definitely is.  I ran as ember with one of my friends hosting and didn't have a single problem keeping the pods alive.  I'm not sure if focus doesn't work for the host or maybe non-hosts ignore armor with world on fire or something but people who aren't hosting definitely do more damage.  I have a feeling it's on more than just ember because I notice Novas kill things easier than I do as well.  


Obviously this is a big problem.  Does anyone else notice problems with hosting?

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