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Clan & Alliance 3.0


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First, I know there's a similar thread still being updated by Volzien. However, it's mostly about Dojo construction and Clan management. I'd like to talk more about the roles of Clans and Alliances in the game as a whole. There's a lot of potential for Clans and Alliances to grow as other features in the game have (parkour, main story, Prime loot, etc.) and I hope these ideas can be of some use to help them reach that potential in the future of Warframe.


Clan Changes

Clans are mostly seen and used for research, even though there are players that are looking for a community to join up with. Clans need more practical tools so that they aren't just on-demand research blueprints and expand on what Clans mean for people actually looking for communities.

  • Clans being a player hub for their members. This means we should be able to go on missions from our Dojo at a minimum, and our Clan as a whole should have more practical uses. Add a mission room where we can form a party on the spot with other Clan members in the Dojo, or add a LFG request via a notice so people can group up when they're ready. Further, let the Dojo be our actual hub if we so choose, so we don't have to go from Orbiter to Dojo and back constantly. Allow our Dojos to be a real home for us.


  • Expand on trade. Warframe Market is an absurdly useful tool, so much so that I wonder why DE hasn't implemented an auctioning system in-game yet. Not that I want to see Warframe Market go away, but trade chat is a mess and trading in general is not intuitive for anyone.


  • Better Clan vault. Operation: Plague Star highlighted the serious flaws that contributing resources for the clan has. New players struggle to figure it out since it requires going through menu after menu, only to use a dated decoration system to contribute resources. Let them click once into the vault and contribute whatever they want.


  • More rooms. I won't steal Volzien's thunder; his thread covers a massive amount of Dojo changes, including more rooms. Anything I have to say about this is already covered in his thread.


  • More "important" Decorations and other Clan features. What I mean is that it's hard to track contribution and (to my knowledge) impossible to track time in the Clan. These are things that should matter to people in their Clans. While there are plenty of Clans that excel at creating a community for their players, very little of it is done through in-game Clan features. Clan UI needs to be entirely overhauled, followed by Hierarchy (delete that Utility role) and then we can look at making Clans feel more engaging and interactive with their members. Some good Decorations, as noted in Volzien's thread, would be place-able leaderboards or a leaderboard room, player statues, and some aesthetics whether in the Dojo or in-game that shows they are an officer or leader in their Clan.


  • Recurring missions (think bounties, but with Sortie level difficulty and conditions) to give Clans that have maxed out their research something to do. Coordinate to get Clan-wide rewards, or a Clan blueprint that takes a large amount of resources to complete but rewards the Clan with significant loot, such as Forma, Orokin Reactors, or Catalysts, upon completion. Don't stop at the Kingpin system; that is a good step but there is so much more potential.


  • Dojo 1.0 tileset is way better. Just saying.


Alliance Changes

The glaring issue with Alliances before and especially after the armistice is how useless they felt. I have a few ideas to make them feel more relevant and even tie them into the world of Warframe in a major way.

  • Beyond a ranking for competitive events, why not include Alliances or Clans that rank high in ways that other games currently do? One example is Black Desert Online, where competing guilds can vie for control of major cities, having their names known in the city with banner men proudly displaying the guild logo all throughout the land. Shouldn't the residents of Cetus and the various Relays be grateful to the Tenno that save them? Have them actually celebrate and honor Alliances and Clans that did the most for them. Display their emblems on flags and merchandise being sold by vendors; spread their name across the system with flags and boards with the names of those who helped them.


  • Think even bigger - what if Alliances that continuously help Cetus in events are even immortalized in voice lines. NPCs talk about the heroes of <Alliance Name Here> and how they fought against hordes of Ghouls or Infested to save them. tl;dr make Alliances a living part of the world. They're a huge congregation of powerful Tenno, let's not pretend that the top Alliances wouldn't be known or talked about. To our knowledge, they might even rival Syndicates, if they were allowed to become a part of the game world. As included as the Tenno (we the player) are to Warframe, our organizations should feel the same.


  • Solar Rail overhaul. Solar Rails seem like they should be the equivalent to an Alliance "Dojo", with different features. If they continue to be what we use to go to war with other Alliances and compete for control of Dark Sectors, well, I just don't see why they shouldn't be used as a Dojo as well. Allow customization of floor plans and layouts, like Clan Dojos, and give them that home field advantage if someone decides to go to war with them for a Dark Sector.


  • On that note, Dark Sectors are dull and dated. The only thing they ever had going for them was the flat Dark Sector rewards for mission completion, and 1) that doesn't make sense, who is giving us those rewards; 2) Alliance wars should be about more than holding a Dark Sector for taxing resources/credits; and 3) Dark Sectors offer nothing different about them from any other mission on that planet, side for the slightly higher difficulty curve. They should feel different. If they're so highly contested, why aren't there competing factions trying to take control of an objective? Why couldn't we have Grineer v. Corpus v. Infested v. Tenno in one massive King of the Hill type of mission? Sounds better than another Akkad run.


  • Could Alliances control a Relay? Or be chosen to govern/protect a Relay by whoever runs a Relay? Could Alliances just create their own Relay?!


  • This one might be a bit too much, but maybe top Alliances could actually become something similar to Syndicates. DE could work with Alliance leaders to create themed weapons, skins, armor, etc. It would make Alliances feel like a very real part of the game world.



Feel free to add anything else to this that you feel would be a good change to Clans and Alliances. I didn't get into Dojos much because Volzien's thread does just that and I already agree with just about everything in it. My goals here are to make Clans and Alliances as a whole feel like a bigger part of the universe in Warframe and I'm sure there's plenty of great ideas that I missed.



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Inb4 someone saying having an AH will kill the economy.

Now on topic, I would love to see everything you listed in the game, feeling like the game is alive and self aware.

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The parts about including alliances that rival syndicates seems perhaps a bit too much, specially on the part of who gets to decide what alliances get to become part of the game and how much impact would those alliance have ingame?

But I would like some flavor text, after events for instance, and like you mentioned 

On 24/12/2017 at 10:14 PM, Luzzu said:

isplay their emblems on flags and merchandise being sold by vendors; spread their name across the system with flags and boards with the names of those who helped them.

This would be really cool, even if temporary and with no actual impact in the gameplay, it would be really rewarding to see this.

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