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Another Volt Skill Rework Thread


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Yes, it's another one of these "buckets of joy".


1: Channel: Kind of like Shock but instead, holding the "1"key powers up the skill for 3 tiers. The first tier is pretty much the standard Shock. Second Tier is a strong, chaining, lightning bolt that slows enemies. The 3rd tier is an electrical beam that Volt shoots from his hand. Volt fires the beam like a thicker Flux Rifle beam, lasting for 2/3/4 seconds and Volt is able to move while he is shooting it, using it to sweep through enemies or focus the beam onto an enemy's weak point.


First Tier: 200/250/300 25 Energy

2nd Tier: 300/350/400  30 Energy

3rd Tier: 400/500/600 per second 50 Energy


2: Charge: Volt charges his body, filling it with electricity. Volt gains a 30/40/50% speed boost and leaves traces of electricity behind him. Holding down the "2" key charges the ability.

1st Tier: Standard 50% speed boost at max, 30 Energy, 100/200/250 damage and stuns enemies for 1/3/4 seconds.

2nd Tier: 50% Speed Boost at max, 40 Energy, 200/300/350 damage and instead of stunning,deals DoT damage on enemies. 150/250/300 damage per tick for 4 seconds.

3rd Tier: 75% Speed Boost for whole team, 50 Energy, enemies hit by lightning left behind by teammates take 300/500/700 damage. (Also the lightning looks like the light left by Tron Bikes because that's just awesome.)


3: Mirror Shield: Volt creates a circular entity of negatively charged ions in front of him. The entity acts as mobile cover for Volt's front andabsorbs any bullets or melee attacks as energy, storing it into your weapon for extra damage.

Tier 1: Standard frontal cover. Bullets are absorbed into the shield and stored in Volt's weapon, adding extra electrical damage. Volt gains an additional 2/3/4% electrical damage added to his weapon for every bullet and double the percentage for every melee attack. 50 energy to cast. Shield lasts for the same amount of time the current one lasts.

Tier 2: Everything in Tier 1. Volt takes the extra time to supercharge his shield with enough energy to repulse organic matter. Any enemy that touches the shield is violently repulsed. (in laymen's terms, the get ragdolled and fly into the sunset. Makes the shield more useful for infested essentially.) Repulsion does not damage enemies

Tier 3:Everything in Tier 2. Volt channels the shield not just for himself, but for his allies. The shield for Volt's allies only act as frontal protection and do not have the damage boost capabilities that Volt's shield has. Lasts for the same amount that the original shield lasts.


4: Thunder: Volt channels every bit of electrical energy around him and causes them to detonate. Deals massive damage and stuns all left alive by the blast. 100 energy. 1000/1100/1200 Armor Ignore/Electrical damage

Tier 2:  Volt supercharges ions in electrical appliances near him to bursting, dealing extra Electric damage. 110 Energy

Tier 3:Volt transfers volatile, negatively charged ions to his teammates, boosting his own and his teammates fire rate by 10/20/30% and movement speed by 20/30/40% after the Volts initial explosion. Includes everything in Tier 2. 120 energy to cast.



Health: 75

Shields: 150

Speed: 1.2

Energy: 150

Armor: 10

Shield Regen: 20


The charging mechanism works like the Melee Charge function. The longer you hold down the designated number, the stronger the move becomes. The player is notified which tier he is on by an increasing electrical surge in his arm coils. A small charge is Tier 1, a mild charge is Tier 2, and an overwhelming charge is Tier 3. In exchange for Volt's increased damage capabilities and team buffing, he is also way more squishy with 25 less health, his current measly 10 armor, and a decreased shield regen (22.5 to 20.) Volt now is a sort of Caster, similar to how mages or warlocks are in other videogames. He buffs teammates when fully charged and deals somewhat high damage in exchange of for craptastic defense. 


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See.. he'd have a ton of power, but I feel like this might be too much. I'm afraid it could crowd out other future casters and while it might make sense for volt to charge his attacks, it would be very confusing for new players.

Good point, but it would also set Volt apart. Uncharged, his skills are generally normal or underpowered. There are already frames that are difficult for new players to master such as Vauban or Ash, so Volt wouldn't be any different. I also don't see how it would crowd out other casters if you can elaborate on that. Volt isn't a beginning frame any more and he doesn't necessarily have to conform to the "beginning frames should be easier to master" rule anymore.

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personally i love volt the was he is now, i just hate how little damage he does with shock and how situational the damage with overload is (only doing real damage with LOTS of electronics around) the charge idea for first ability is very cool tho, would love to see that in game - kudos

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