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[Stream] Friday Night Fights With Asuro


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The event will take place HERE on our live stream channel.


Anyone is welcome to watch, however only clan members can join.

The purpose of this event, is to bring players into a hands down skill based duel.

Where sentinels and mods cannot interfere, and the skill and aim of the player comes into focus.

This will be streamed starting at 7pm EST THIS FRIDAY

We expect you guys to join in and participate!

Rules for The Event.

- You can only use the Vasto With no mods attached.

- You may not use any sentinels.

- Your warframes must be completely un modded

- No mele, primary, abilities can be used, This will be a straight up vasto duel

- So whoever has the best aim and the fastest frame may win!

This event will be held in our Dojo on the second floor.

Join in move towards the large crowd of people.

You may duel in the second dueling room on the other side of the hallway,

With any weapons / warframes you would like.

However the primary dueling room is reserved for vasto only DUELS!

Good Luck AsurO!

We Are TennO We are ONE!

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