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{[ Suggestion }] Stop Making Me Host! >:c


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I am sick and tired of the whining and constant mockery I get when i'm forced to be a host when joining a newly formed mission run.


My current connection as of now is AT&T, they are a terrible ISP and I have the best option available for my location. My ethernet speeds are fast enough where I can easily get by with playing with others with around 100 ping or less, I CANNOT however host a match in most games and expect the same performance for others.


If I join a match in " Online " mode and happen to join just in time to where i'm forced to be the host, I tell everyone to please leave and make a new group with someone else. Normally I enjoy playing with others, as long as I'm not the host, because I know how terrible this game can become when everything turns into a slide-show and drops take 45 seconds to pick up. I always give a warning saying i'm sorry far ahead of time if I happen to notice I may be the host, and let others know it may be best to abort. Typically they stay, and then do nothing but whine and moan about how lag-tastic my connection is and that I need to get myself something other than dial-up and other insults of that sort. I ignore most of these, and tell people to leave and make their own party instead then, and stop %#&@ about mine.


My suggestion to fix issues like this is just make it where i'm unable to become a host in any situation involving an " Online " status group. Give me a box to check that forces me out as an option to be a host in a group, unless I invite them to my party on my own terms. I have a rank F connection as stated by SpeedTest, at least 90%+ of the US alone has a better connection than I do. Why are you making me host when the other contenders in my party are a FAR better option for hosting a group of people. If a host-migration has to happen when there is only myself and 2 others, and none of us are a suitable match, drop the match.



I know I could play alone or play with friends that can host before I do, but I want to play with others and don't mind joining other groups through the " Online " status, as long as I'M NOT THE HOST. Making this optional would save A LOT of people, not just myself, the harassment or time-waste of having to be host and either failing a mission due to others not being able to help, or losing connection entirely with your team-mates.




TL:DR = Make a optional setting to force yourself from ever being able to host a game outside of group-invited missions.


Anyone else care to share their opinions or frustrations with this subject? Thanks.

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Yep. I suffer from this problem too. ISP is horrible for hosting, plus I share the net with multiple people so I normally play solo.


When I host doors don't open, items don't drop and there's like a fifteen second delay for others. Would like to opt out of hosting.

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Same situation for me as far as hosting...

Rule of thumb: if when you start an online match in a lobby, you don't get the message "Joined [insert player name]" immediately quit out, and try again.

I do that often, but sometimes it's near instant, or a host migration occurs shortly after the party forms.

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