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Volt Or Ember?



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Currently, I don't think many people would argue Volt is better (just going off of what other people have said, I haven't personally tried Volt), but a lot of people say Ember is one of the more fun Warframes. I would recommend Ember, just because I like her so much. She's also going to be buffed, soon, or at least reworked.

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Volt is mainly a Corpus counter. Ember is more suited against the large hordes of infested.


They are both kind of effective vs corpus.


Apparently, Ember's abilities are mostly offensive. Volt is more multi-purpose, being able to grant speed to allies and create shields for defense missions and revving teammates.


In the end, it's a matter of playstyle, but if Ember is going to be buffed soon, I'd wait till the update before choosing

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Since no one has made an argument for Volt yet...


Volt's ultimate is amazing with maxed power range as long as there's some lights or electronics nearby, Speed is great if you need to cover a lot of ground (and it gives you a nice melee DPS buff, too), and E-Shield, while very niche, can be very effective when you're up against a level 100+ heavy gunner. It also makes the Flux Rifle super OP. Shock isn't so good though.

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Well it depends on your playing style, if you like fire types that are on the offensive, I suggest choosing Ember. (As said, she is good against infested).

On the other hand, if you still like offensive types, and want to use electricity, then I suggest Volt (As said, he is good against corpus.)


I hope this helped you!


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