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Flux Build With Forma



Got me the double affinity which makes my boost x4 !! Which means lots of levels. I just finished my 3rd forma and polarized my third V. From here on out what should i polarize it with? What are some of your builds with alot of forma? 

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For the flux rifle, you should have 2 "V"s and 3 "-"s


Serration & Split Chamber (Both are "V")


Metal Auger & Hellfire & Stormbringer (All three are "-")


Fit a Piercing Hit, Cryo Ammo and Rifle Ammo Conversion on the remaining 3 slots.


And before people whine about how Metal Auger is worthless, do note that if 3 Grineer are lined up, you hit all 3. As in it triples your damage output.


My build:



Will need 1 more forma for when my Serration mod gets maxed, in order to have the build work. Also, Rifle Ammo Conversion is especially useful because it helps increase the lifetime of the weapon on games without the need for ammo packs (which do eventually run out).

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