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A Few Simple Suggestions.


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Just a few small changes & suggestions that would undoubtedly improve Warframe:


● Change the "Thank you for your purchase"-type messages into a smaller pop-up that doesn't interfere with menu navigation.


● Add the option to purchase multiple gear items at once, please.


● Allow players to talk during abilities with long animations. (This one's pretty important.)


● Add an Aura or something that keeps doors open for longer, or increases the range at which doors sense for nearby players.

Or just straight up increase their open-ness time in general..

(Ok, I might have ran into a few too many doors as a Volt going 80mph.)


● Add a mod like Heavy Impact that allows jump-kicks to deal some decent damage, and maybe cause it to ragdoll enemies instead of normal knockdown.

Also, maybe make it do more damage the faster you're moving, but with a max damage cap because Volt exists.

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