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[Lorespec] On The Nature Of Prime Items & Orokin Tech


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To start off, I'm starting off a Lore Speculation series in the forums, on certain topics.  In the tone of my Tenno Biology Topic..  I believe that subject has been sufficiently explored.   If you wish to see it: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/68666-study-of-tenno-biology/



This is going to focus on Prime Items and Orokin tech.  Here is what I have gathered:

Prime weapons are weapons that have been infused with, or are comprised mostly of Orokin tech or are even of Orokin origin.  Knowing this, it is safe to assume that all Tenno should have Prime frames.  But obviously, we dont.  And in the Tutorial level and E3 trailer the Tenno in the Orokin Cryopod is not wearing Excalibur..

Previously I had assumed that Tenno that are found in Orokin cryopods were prime, as we previously only found silvery cryopods instead of Orokin pods. 


But even in Orokin pods, like I have said, there are no prime frames.  And no Prime weapons are found lying around... 

This makes me think that the Orokin did not make Prime frames.

Thats right.  Well, I dont think they made them directly. 

If you notice orokin voids,  the enemies in them, they have brassy golden tubes all over them, resembling Prime items..  This makes me think that Prime items came along once the Sentience attacked, either as a strange reaction between Orotech and Sentience or perhaps some sort of emergency tech.

But I also think that The Corrupted are not in fact Orokin made things...  they are Sentience made things.  OR some sort of reaction between them - seeing as how this correlation works.


SO what I'm saying is that Prime tech came about during the Old War, probably near the end.  This explains why Tenno aren't all primed with their Warframes, and how they dont wake up with Prime weapons.

It was rare even during their time.

So hope you guys enjoyed!  Add to the discussion.

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