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Not able to finish "WAR WITHIN" finally boss missions with focus NARAMON

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Here is all the things/bug in this mission I see so far :
1. The queen's guard will not targeting you unless you're very close to them .
2. If the queen's guard do not targeting you , you will not able to knock out their staff .
3. With NARAMON skills , you are able to void dash much more far then normal , so in this case , I void dash the grineer queen over 10+ times and still do not able to play the cutscenes . I'm not sure is this really the problem ...
Now , I'm stuck inside this mission and not able to do anything , please help :D

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1-2. To kill the queen's guard, you kill them by using your void blast (E melee) to knock them down then void dash through them. You don't need to have them target you.
3. Void dash through when she start channeling her beam.

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First of all , thank you for taking your time to answering me :D what a nice person
I'm appreciate :)
Actually , I'm just replay this mission for the cutscenes about the operator :) and I'm sorry that make you feels I'm new here .

Now , Into the topic .

About the 1 ,  most of the queen's guard will be frozen after play the "off the stage animation" , and they will just standing there unless you walk very close to them or do a melee attack . 

2 . After several attempts , seems like it is random , I'm not sure . Just some/most of them will not able to knock out their staff . And yes , I do know how to knock out their staff :) i will leave a google drive video link down below

3 . If I'm lucky enough able to pass the 1 and 2 , here comes the real problem , as a normal player , I will max out the NARAMON Void dash range , and sadly it seems like cout me as a over range finish point ( Void dash finish point / Where you land after the Void dash )  ... So that do not able to execute the cutscenes .

And one last thing ,  *** SPOILER ALERT *** for someone didn't play the WAR WITHIN mission yet :D

And please someone tell me how to getting out of this mission :'C 
I stuck inside this mission and I cant get out , I can not play any of those time limit mission just because I'm stuck in here . I have a exp booster too ... :'V it's painful 
Please , can admins kick me out of this mission or unselect current focus so I can enjoy my tenno life once again ?

Edited by Newbie769
Sending SOS message

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Posted (edited)

Every F****** times I login to the game , it will send me right back the mission , there is no ways to quit it and there is nothing I could do cuz of this bug , I missed Baro Ki'Teer  and every one of the time limit mission just because I'm stuck inside this mission , when I finally lucky enough to get pass the 1/2 steps , and the is a 3 step and that I  can not knock out that staff on queen's hand ..... 

I do send a bug report to admins , and there is no one replying .... I feel helpless ......that no body will give a F*** about a player missed those time event cuz stuck inside a buggy mission ... for now I just want a way to get out of this mission ..

Edited by Newbie769

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I'm sorry that I that I don't have anything useful to add but, do you mind if I just post something here.  You know, to keep this post alive.


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I added your topic as a link to one I created, with adding up what links both our cases (Naramon School), which seems to be the culprit of the bug, in hopes fix will arrive soon. Been stuck in the mission for three days now.. kinda missing the game here... >_<"


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Meanwhile, I found a workaround, even for us, Naramon losers users.
When Void Dashing, make sure you continue your Void Dash and hit a wall. Try those things on the side of the throne room:


Just make sure you continue your Void Dash, no matter where you originally land and touch one of them, works both for the Kuva Guardians and for the Queen. I just got out of the mission with it. Not a bug-fix, but as a workaround for those of us, stuck in the mission, it should work. I hope it will help you.

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It worked !!!  thanks a lot !!! :crylaugh:
That "Just make sure you continue your Void Dash" is super important tho

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