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Mods Stay On But Return To Inventory When Switching Wepons/frames


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i couldn't find this anywhere, but it would be nice if once warframes/wepons were modded it to your desires then you switched to another warframe/weapon all the mods (except the abilitys ones so you can be sure not to accidently merge them) would appear in the mod inventory so you can use on whatever you switched too, and then if you switched back, all the mods would return to the warframe making for quick and easy switching bewteen warframes if you like cutting it close for an alert or holding people up. 

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Actually a decent idea... save what mods were equipped and where, but don't remove them from your inventory. Allows you to freely switch between mods and weapons without ever having to unequip anything (or figure out what rifle you left your Wildfire on).


Only people who get "screwed over" by that are those of us who have already made maxed duplicates, but seriously, I wouldn't complain if something like THIS was why I now have 3 maxed Fury mods that I don't need.



As for fusing issues... being able to mark certain mods as "unfuseable" or "reserved" would fix that.... or simply making it so if anything has it equipped it's reserved (kinda like how you can't sell your last Revenge mod on your Shade).


Actually... That might be the only issue with doing this. Both you and your sentinel could then use all the same weapon mods!



Anyways, really, the mods UI as a whole needs some work, it's really quite unpolished.


Hell, did you know you can't even click on Page 1 on the mod selector, because Previous's click-box is in the way?

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