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Gameplay Music Is Boring And Repetitive


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The title says it all. I don't want to listen to the same old drums etc when i'm battling a room full of Grineer. What about the music from the PS4 trailer? (

) That had some nice upbeat music that fit in well with the battle (although it was choreographed, it could still be edited) 
Another suggestion: what about music for each faction? This would improve on immersion and give each faction their own "taste". 
What do you think? Should there be more music? What about ambient sounds? And what kind of music should each faction have?
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Don't like the music? Play your own music.

Music for each faction? Cool, but not needed.

What do I think about your complaints? I think that you should play your own music.

Should there be more music? Sure, but the taiko drums are fine as is.

What about ambient sounds? There are ambient sounds.

What kind of music should each faction have? Taiko drums. Oh wait, we have those already.

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I have been playing the game for close to 300 hours now.  At some point, no matter how much music DE puts in the game, the soundtrack is going to get boring and repetitive.

So, yeah, play your own.


This. I think it generally takes under a week before I have Pandora on while playing a game. I think Borderlands 2's Dragon's Keep DLC was the first time I *didn't* do that in a long while. Hell, even the majority of the first playthrough of my Mechro was done to Pandora Radio (oddly fitting, if you think about it).


It's nothing against the music and soundtrack guys, they come up with great stuff sometimes...


But like, it's the programmers that implement it that sometimes need to be shot. The "no active combat" track needs to actually exist (what BL2 didn't do in the main campaign regions for the most part- which sucks because the in-combat music is @(*()$ awesome).




As for this game's.... eh. I liked it through like Earth (back when Earth wasn't at the front of the solar system)... but I quickly yearned for my standards. Mostly because I need either S#&$ I sing along with or heavy fast beats to keep me from dieing in mistake spirals.

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When my friend showing me the WARFRAME first time on PC, he talking about the game he went to login menu ,SHUT UP! ......TERMINATOR MUSIC : D. I LIKE THIS GAME xD


Music that I like in Warframe and reminds me of Terminator

I wish for the future of that music and bosses like on the picture:

And more music similar to the terminator : p



New deadly machines for curpus similar to the terminator hard to kill on higher levels could be awesome XD, I don't know why I just  always excited of model T-800/T-850 from Terminator movies. Edited by IfritKajiTora
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