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An Idea For The Next Event


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I was thinking it would be really cool if maybe next weekend or sometime in the future we could have a double drop weekend where every item you pick up could be doubled.

i know this could make the game a little unbalance and you would need to sort a few things out with it, also don't let me mention what it might do to the drop table when it's implemented, cough cough update 9, we all loved the 4x control modules, but putting that behind us and getting to the point


So how it would work is if you pick up a mod you would get x2 that mod, very straight forward, that's what I would like to see or on the other hand you could do a double resources weekend, which is a little more balanced but with the implementation of resources added to the market i don't really think DE is game for that idea. 


Would be cool if you guys could consider it I'm sure lots if not everyone would be up for this, maybe if you set us a challenge and we complete the challenge instead of a reward like the ammo mutations you could give us 2 days double drops.


This also brings me to the idea of adding a mod ingame that increase rare drops, not by much but a little bit of a percent that gives you that ability to get more mods, or maybe more resources.


If you have taken the time to read all that, thank you. please leave me some feed back and let me know what you guys think.



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