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Put Down That Weapon...


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So, im overfloowing with blueprints, all of them...
And just got idea, how about creating Armory room?
What for? Heres deal.


Players can create weapons in here(ofc decisions for architects/warlords) and put them on wall/stands/fancy glass stand and such, and then other players can test them before spending money and farming for one of their own...

this would solve 2 problems.


1- too many blueprints of same kind...

2- blind date with new weapon


decoration/test weapon could cot the same it does as normal version+ orokin/forma( something expensive )



I got 5 gorgon blueprints, and tons of mats, im an architect.


I start building weapon, from now on all clan members can contribute untill its finished.

When its finished, you can simply walk up to weapon, and start "test mission/target range"

(preety much same as mastery tests:)

weapon created its tier 1, wich means, its unranked.

if architect decide to upgrade it, it costs 150% of first price.

then its making weapon tier 2, wich is ranked 30, with dmg mod/speed mood

next upgrade would be 300% of regular price, and would make tier 3 weapon, ranked 30 with potatoe, Speed/Dmg/Multishoot/ and some optionals mods


what do you guys think?





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Good idea, reminds me in Elder Scrolls having weapons behind glass or other stuff, nice topic name BTW, Midnight Oil?


Hah, yea i spent hundreds of hours in morrowind/oblivion/skyrim  just setting up my gear on my walls and tables :)


About name- have no clue what is "Midnight oil" ... sounds somehow sexy ;D

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