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The Fomorian Live On!(Fomorian Mission Still Playable)


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If you go to Venera at Venus, and press "W" or the up key you'll be shown a now "secret" mission once belonging to a warframe event, Sling-Stone. You'll need corruptors to get into it(luckily some new friends of mine had some left over. four of us entered and tried the mission, and it worked out perfectly, and not everyone needs a corruptor to do it)You can also get to it by moving with WASD or the arrow keys on mercury, but it moved with my mouse, making a lot harder to see. According to the friends who had actually been here for the event, it didn't award "event points",but otherwise acted as a normal mission with the dialouge acting normal, mods dropped and picked up. Etc.etc.
Yeah..thats pretty much it for this.

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every1 who has trouble to get there put mouse over Venera mission in Venus press W and then press enter

edit: tested another run and i can say that it gives random mission
edit: it give random mission only if you try to find game online if you host it will be event mission

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Confirmed and you can get in if you have friends that still have corruptors. I'll post screen shots.


Its actually in Mercury, and you can press A from Terminus or Lares to scroll over to it. Your mouse needs to be hovering over a node.




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