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Serration (Rifle Damage) Mod



Hello guys, im player level 3 and almost unlock all planets, but i cant find serration mod for rifle i always get pistol, shotgun, melee dmg. I play with my 2 freands and they always find all mods - rifle, pistol, shotgun, melee, but i cant.
please help where or how to get this mod. Sorry for my bad english, i hope you understand me. Thanks!

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Different factions have higher chances of dropping set polarities. Grineer drop 'Y', Corpus drop '-', Infested drop '='. Grineer focus on damage (mostly), Corpus are utility/elemental, and Infected are Warframe abilities. They all can drop ANY mod type however, and they all draw from a common pool too, which are mods like Redirection and Vitality (B). Higher level mobs drop rarer mods, so when you want a common mod, farm low level missions (Lvls 1-30, perhaps? Kunai broke level scaling for me, sadly.), and when you want an uncommon - rare mods fight in higher level missions (Lvl 30+). Serration is a 'Y' polarity, so focus on Grineer around Saturn and higher levels. Farming the bosses might help because you have an almost guaranteed drop, but the draw back is the Stalker adding you on his hitlist for when you have a low level frame/cruddy weapons. 

 Edit: (42: Life, the Universe, Everything.)

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Just do, Io Jipiter or Sedna Kappa, those are bound to give you serration in about 2- 3 runs of each map.

Edit: Jupiter *

sedna Kappa i played it minimum 5 times and dont get it :( but i try again 

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