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Alternate Helmet Stats



Hi everybody!


I would like to ask a question about alternate helmet stats: Are they calculated from base stats, or from lvl30/modded stats?


Let me give an example with Banshee Reverb Helmet:


Max health: -5%

Max energy: +10% 


Base HP: 100

Lvl30 HP: 300


Base Energy: 150

lvl30 energy: 225


Calculated from base stats at lvl30:

HP: 295

Energy: 240


Calculated from lvl30 stats at lvl30:

HP: 285

Energy: 247.5


Which one is correct? Moreover, does mod effects come into account? I would need this to make the small calculator I write to be accurate, but I don't have any alt helmets as of yet. I would really appreciate if somebody could help me out :)

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