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Barracks Too Big To Be Placed Next To Each Other On A Cross Connector


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I felt that this should be posted in here, because it feels like this should be possible...

It's not possible to place the new barracks directly next to each other on a like of cross/T connectors!

I understand that it could be done by spacing them with small halls, but they are just as expensive as a Cross Connector...

It would be nice if this could be fixed!

Thanks for your time! :D



Just built a barracks onto a cross, then a T section to add another... but...


Barracks are not an option.

The missing energy is not the culprit, since it works on the other side!


On another side with a similar setup, but empty nodes, it WORKS.

Thus, they cannot be placed next to each other in such a fashion...

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(I think you can only have one of each... I don't understand what you're trying to do. Something like this?)




Also, if you're reading this DE, please add Ghost Barracks. No change to clan tier, just a place for Ghosts to sleep. :-(

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@Lumireaver: Ah yes, thanks for the illustration!

Thats exactly what I tried to do!

Judging by their size, the barracks would most likely not touch each other, or just barely!

So I thought it to be possible, however it turns out it's not... D:

As for Ghost Barracks, maybe they can be integrated in the standard clan hall?

Maybe with useable cryopods hanging from this area:


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