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Weapon Ideas


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we love weapons and sluaghtering so lets get to it


mire.jr : they are like the mire only in kuni form and do posion damage overtime can be obtained from phorid


lockjaw: a heavy sword version of the jaw sword and can be obtained from alerts


gram jr. :kuni version of the gram


snipetron prime: we got a retired gun a vandal of that gun and now a prime(lets hope)


throwing axes: more bang for the throw rather than a knife


poison spewing weapon:a weapon that shoots a mist of posion? only obtained from bio resarch


speaking of resarch


saw shooting weapon: like the fellas from the fomorian event used will be in chem resarch


that is all for resarch


the holy orkin sword: only obtained through void tier 3 runs and even then they have a low chance to drop the parts (hilt grip blade) and takes one day to build it is a very powerful sword and it is a heavy sword


the great vandal sword: only obtained by combineing the braton lato and snipetron vandal basicly the same as the holy orkin sword


the mind controler: a sythe that is made for mob control does decent base damage and has a decent swing speed


the railer: the first rail gun taping the mouse 1 button realeases a 3 round burst of lazers and holding it will charge it(holding for to long and it will over heat and explode in your face) let go to release a rail


that is all so what do you think c:

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