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Loki Viking Mode Fun


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I started leveling my last frame(Loki) to 30. I never realized the shenanigans you could get up to abusing disarm with decoy and bad A.I. Viking mode is no longer just for my Rhino/Trinity! It's for my whole party :). 


Get 4 people with Scindos, Fragors, or Grams. We had Rhino, Trinity, Loki, and Saryn. Do kappa or other grineer/corpus defence things.


Place Decoy on  a box.


Use max radial disarm with max stretch.


Massive streams of Grineer come at you with stun sticks. Some of them stand gazing upon their new overlord decoy(they can't attack it) while others attempt to poke you with their stun stick. They also don't seem to attack objectives in this state or atleast they mostly ignored it for us.


If things get too bad I guess you can aoe kill them all... but that wouldn't be very viking of you. All vikings should avoid using guns during the mission because that is cheating and cheaters make baby Thor cry.



On Kappa we were getting hundreds of melee kills each. Whether this is viable at the tops levels or not I don't really care it's for fun and leveling melee stuff over the weekend. :p Disarming them actually seems to make them run into the room faster so you end up spawning more enemies over all. Also, heavies look pretty $&*&*#(%& running around with stun sticks.


You probably want to make a private party because 1 nova ruins all the fun and novas are everywhere right now.

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I am quite offended at the Viking Racism in this thread.


We do not all swing axes around... We enjoy hammers and swords as well.





Edited to better reflect the diversity of Vikings.

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