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Pc And Console Gaming Pro And Cons


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This thread is mainly for discussion on the pro and cons of PC and Console Gaming. We all know that Warframe will be going on the PS4 soon and both platforms have some pro and cons that will affect gameplay.

Since everybody on Warframe are PC Gamers, I automatically judge that you are all on the side of PC gaming. Of course, there are exceptions.

Here is my list of Pro and Cons of Console Gaming


-Cheap to buy

-Easy to use

-More hardware dedicated to gaming than PC


-Not precise controls

-Limited FPS

-Cheap hardware

-Locked hardware (doesn't allow anything other than gaming)

-Less games

-Every games are paid until the next-gen consoles get released

Here is my list of Pro and Cons of PC Gaming


-Higher FPS

-Unlocked hardware (allow things other than gaming)

-Precise mouse controls

-More games

-Plenty of free games




-Difficult to use

-Less dedicated hardware to gaming

So any other pro and cons for each platforms?

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