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More Parkour And Better Stealth


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What Warframe has brought to the gaming industry is groundbreaking. A smart , in-depth parkour system. It did what Brink tried and failed to do. Implement a good way to get around quickly and look like a total b.a. while doing it. Even Warframe's motto is "Ninja's play free." So I think that the Warframe devs should take this aspect and expand it. Make it even better. Make the animations smoother, more realistic and add more free-runnning moves that make maneuvering maps easy and fluent. Here is a  move that I think would be cool to add. 


The Cat Pass 




I think that this would be a nice addition to the game, and I'm sure the devs could find many mroe cool parkour moves to add to the game. Another thing that Ninja entitles is stealth. And Warframe's stealth could use some work I think. Every time I try to play stealthfully , whether it be online or solo, it just never seems to work. Shade cloaks me before anybody sees me , and still somehow the find out I'm there. Maybe something to help this would be to add silenced weapons or a more efficient cloaking system. Whatever it may be , the stealth system could use some serious work.


Thanks for your time,


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