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Indidiae - Grineer Sticky Launcher


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When you look at the research paths for the clan dojo, The Corpus seem to hold all the chips when it comes to weapons. However, Ogris and Acrid are the most popular clanTech so I guess that balances things out somewhat. But, with 1k of Detonite Ampules chilling in my inventory, we could use a new weapon to spend some resources on. And heck, it's a new primary at that.


The Indidiae is a 4-shot Sticky Grenade launcher that launches a 45 second lasting explosive that - much like Vauban's traps - can stick to most surfaces, be it team mates, enemies, walls, etc. While the most common use will be like a regular grenade launcher (taking out groups over cover) The fact that the explosion is triggered can be use tactically to take out squads of enemies entering through a doorway, or taking out those god damn Toxic Ancients during Wave 50. 


Visually, it would be much like the m32 Grenade Launcher, except instead of a 6 round closed housing it would instead be a 4 round housing with the rounds encased with thin railings so the grenades are visible. There would be a electronic interface on the back for detonating the grenades remotely.


The obvious strengths would be its crowd control; easily taking out squads of enemies while in cover, or managing crucial chokepoints during the defence missions. The more stealthy users might find themselves planting a grenade on the control panel, providing any surprise for that **** that runs from you to call his buddies in the rest of the level.


The weaknesses would have to be the limited range of the weapon, ammo efficiency (each grenade uses 25 rifle ammo) and the dreadfully long reload time.


Grenades would be fired with a decent arc, with a maximum range of let's say 35 meters. Instead of zooming, the grenades would be detonated using the zoom function.



Type Grenade Launcher

Damage Type Explosive (Ogris)

Base Damage 250

Crit Chance 0%

Crit Damage 100%

Base Firing Rate 1 Grenade every 2 seconds

Accuracy 100.0

Base Clip Size 4*25 per shot

Base Ammo Size 540

Base Reload Speed 4.5s

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