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Solution To Energy Colour Conflict


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People are discussing to and fro the changes made to Energy colour. Whether certain powers/warframes should have energy customisable or not. The fluctuating brightness changes to Energy colour.

The Dev's have spoken about an option to have Energy colour set to default and Warframe colour to something else.
As it was previously.

But this is a small addition, I remember in one of the livestreams when they were speaking about Aura's and the changes they made. That they turned the whole concept upside down instead of making incremental changes.
Likewise my idea is to scrap having an option or setting...and do something drastic.

The solution is to have 2 energy colours

Energy 1 - Warframe
Energy 2 - Expressed powers

This provides
- The option to have a separate glow colour from energy/warframe
- Further Customisation options.
- More use for Colour palettes
- Also solves further brightness changes for energy colours.

For an added bonus when customising your warframes's colours they could be in a freeze frame using one of their powers. Same artistic style as the lobbies. Allowing one to see the results of the Customisations on powers too. While adding badass points.

What do you think?

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