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Overpowered Color Hues In Galleon Missions


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It seems the last 5-6 missions I've done, the hue, or color filter set on the mission has been ridiculously dark and the blue (I think it is blue?) seemingly jacked up to the max so that everything gets these weird hues.


It really gets hard on the eyes (I have TOD and Bloom turned off) and I miss the galleon missions that were lit normally.


It is sometimes hard to see ramps and stairs, but things like flames are annoyingly bright, making it hard to see anything ELSE.


Aiming at Grineer (esp trying to get head shots) is difficult when you can hardly see more than 3 feet in front of you.


Could you guys tone the wild hues/color filters down just a tad?

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I think it's fine, though. Or you could disable Color Correction.


There's a setting for that?




I might have to look into it, because these really stinking dark blue-saturated galleon missions are really getting hard on the eyes after awhile.


Been farming M Prime because it is quick, easy, and gives 20k warframe XP, lol. Now I have every Warframe except Ash and Frost Prime and they're all on at least Lv15.

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