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Dojo Improvements/ideas


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I spent about a good hour looking through the Dojo feedback and many people have such wonderful ideas, I know I took the time to sit and think what could use improving. The following is my list that I have come up with me and my clanmates. I also may be mentioning other's ideas and apologize if you already posted it. Just trying my best to improve our gaming experience...


Dojo Big Map / GPS

Many people are getting lost in the dojo we have built on three levels, just the other day one clanmate spent an hour trying to get to a room while he was intoxicated. The minimap is all well and all but a bigger openable map would be wonderful and big help. Also if you can label and set rooms as a location and have a GPS for each room and will tell you where to go. Right now we have many rooms we can build and some of the ideas floating around will only increase exponentially. In the future Dojo's will be mazes of hallways and rooms.


Building Map / Mode

I remember having sometime a hard time building rooms because an elevator or something from somewhere else would be too close for allow the room to be built. It would be a great idea if we have like a map mode builder so we can see the whole dojo by levels so we know whats there or like how big the O-course is so we know how far we can go around and set up an automatic building process like when a room is built it builds the next segment...


Ok Short Hallway, What About Long Hallway?

I know there are times you need to space out some connectors because the rooms you want to build to those connecter are hitting something else. I hate and i'm sure others out there hate going through 5 or 7 sets of doors whooshing open. I think the best idea would be here is to bridge hallways. Say you have 3 small hallways tougher. What you can add is a hallway fusion, Fuse those 3 segments into one longer hallways without so many doors...


Also It may be a good idea to remove doors from hallways and connector to connector, just have doors on the reg rooms...


Color/Theme Customization

Ok we can color are weapons and frames and out frames have different helms why not have the same customization with our dojo, Colors and Themes...


Clan Vault / Auction House

I am holding on to all the stuff that drops that I already have, BP's and Weapon/Warframe pieces so that one day we can trade or store with our fellow clanmates or the rest of the Warframe Tenno's...


More Labs

I know some people spit out some ideas for Labs and I really loved the hardcore detail the one person went into detailing a Sentinel lab and evolution pit. We can also have a lab for making Mods, build fusion core upgrades or mods that are clan unique. Warframe lab to upgrade your frame to hold more slots or a clan themed Warframe that you need the Warframe lab to build...


Larger/Team Dojo Room

A bigger Dojo room to allow a more man FFA fight or a Team fight or even a possible a CTF type of room...


Obstacle Course Customization

I love the O-course as much as the next guy, it is a large room mostly open but it would be nice to edit the course and set up different traps and obstacles...


All-In-One or Seperate Warframe Menu In The Dojo

Straightforward, just to be able to access the whole entire menu in the Dojo, Arsenal, campaign map, market, foundry...


Dojo Ergonomics

One of the biggest problems of the dojo is the need to build so many reactors, halls and now barracks where now it is a "Charlie Foxtrot" of a maze of rooms, corridors, reactors and endless halls. Some rooms like Halls and reactors should have a upgrades so we don't have to build so many of them...


Dojo Upgrades

Like in the last one, some rooms such as a reactor needs upgrades and who better than to reasearch upgrades than Oracle to give it something to do. I am assuming Oracle is supposed to be a female AI or have Lotus maybe pop up on it...


Room Connecter

We have hallways and corridors as connectors. What about having a room with 2 or 4 doors to use as a connecter?


Easy Upgrades/Changes

Going back to the building mode, it would save lots of hassle to be able to add connectors and rooms in between current rooms and constructions and the build mode will automatically adjust for the added room...

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I want elevator with  UP and DOWN buttons. And an elevator room so we can get like 2 elevators in a row.  Or maybe STAIRS?  Also a corridor O-cource. Just if someone want to make garden room hard to get to.  Aaaand a holographic Dojo building simulator, where architects can post their plans so members vote for what they like before building stuff.  AND ENTRANCE/ EXIT Portal. Sometimes I feel trapped even though I can leave any moment.

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