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Phase: The Galactic Frame. (Transformations!)


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     Alright, I'll be the first to admit it: My art skills are rather sub-par (meaning they suck a big one). However, I have this idea that I can't seem to get out of my head, and I would love to see it come to life. The Warframe team has done a magnificent job of providing a large amount of variety in the frames and weapons that have been put into the game, but there is one mechanic that I have yet to see: a transformation, more or less. The issue that I can see with introducing such a mechanic, aside from the obvious issue of coding, is that it is hard to incorporate it into the lore/universe of the game. I believe I have come up with a solution though.


Phase: The Galactic Frame.


Phase would have two basic forms: Sol and Luna. His/her abilities would change based on what form the frame is currently in, with the first ability providing a method through which it could "transform." My basic ideas are as follows, but are subject to augmentation as I have not yet worked everything out.


Ability 1: Radiation




     Sol Form: Enemies that deal damage to Phase are set ablaze, dealing fire damage over time for a base duration of two seconds. Enemies that are ablaze will also have decreased armor and a higher likelyhood of being stunned.


     Luna Form: Enemies that deal damage to Phase are slowed for a base duration of three seconds. Enemies that are slowed will also have decreased attack speed and attack damage.




     Sol Form: Phase channels for one second, then emits a bright golden light that sets all nearby enemies ablaze. After the channel, Phase switches to Luna Form.


    Luna Form: Phase channels for one second, then emits a bright silver light that slows all nearby enemies. After the channel, Phase switches to Sol Form.


Ability 2 (Active):


     Sol Form (Flare): Phase heats a wide area around it, negating the shield-halving effects of ice within the area. Any allies that run through the area of effect are granted bonus attack damage and an immunity to slows for a base duration of five seconds. Any enemies in the area take burn damage for as long as they remain inside.


     Luna Form (Chill): Phase cools a wide area around it, extinguishing fires nearby. Any allies that run through the area of effect are granted bonus defense and an immunity to burn damage for a base duration of five seconds. Any enemiesin the area will be gradually slowed over the course of four seconds, decreasing their movement speed and attack speed.


Ability 3 (Active):


     Sol Form (Blaze Chains): Phase links nearby enemies to itself, limiting how far away they can run. The chains last for, at base, five seconds, dealing a decent amount of burn damage to each linked enemy. If a chained enemy is killed during the duration, Phase regenerates half of its shields and a fifth of its health.


     Luna Form (Lunar Blessing): Phase links itself to nearby allies for a base duration of four seconds. Chained allies are granted an immediate boost of one-hundred shield points per ally within range for a maximum of four-hundred shield points. Linked allies are also granted increased shield regeneration and a decreased regeneration delay from taking damage.


Ability 4 (Active):


     Sol Form (Supernova): Phase channels for three seconds, unable to take any action during this time. After the delay, Phase creates a large explosion at its location, dealing massive damage to surrounding enemies, ignoring half of their armor and setting any survivors ablaze.


     Luna Form (Eclipse): Phase channels for one second, then creates a bright light that almost immediately darkens to near-pitch black. This effect lasts for six seconds at base. Allies within the affected area are granted a sort of "night vision" that allows them to see in the darkness. Enemies in the area of effect are blinded, severely decreasing their accuracy and causing them to run in random directions in a panic. This effect does not apply to synthetic enemies, such as Moas.



     Although I have this idea, I am unable to provide a concept art for it due to the fact that attempts made would likely look like stick figures... meaning they would totally be stick figures. I would appreciate some help in bringing this idea to the Warframe team's attention as well as getting some help with the concept arts. the two respective forms should look similar, but different enough so that it doesn't look like a recolor. Thanks for reading my post!



(I noticed that there were sixty-four views of this topic, yet very little feedback. Please don't be shy! Let me know what you think!) 

I'd like to change the name from Phase to "Solstice." Not sure if it's taken, but I think it fits better, eh?

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One of the few 'new warframe ideas' that I've actually really liked.

The idea of swapping modes brings a lot more diversity to the frame.


I also like the idea of swapping between a group friendly set of abilities and a more damage oriented set on the fly, as it allows the frame to adapt to different combat scenarios.


As for the #3 luna ability: I'd like to see them bring in some kind of overshield mechanic, where certain abilities can force a characters current shield higher than their max. Without that type of mechanic I fear any ability that works around granting shields is far too "reactionary" and requires far too much timing to make full use of (people often die when their shield is down long before you notice its down or can cast something to help).


Just my 2 plat.

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