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Training Room Suggestion


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It would be nice if we could make a tutorial room. Similar to the tests in Rank 1 - 7, you can train here with specific weapons, specific rules and specific holographic enemies. Tutorial rooms are made holographic, all terrains needed to survive are designed by the warlord, making clan members learn the ways of a ninja.


TRAINING ROOM(needs dueling room and obstacle course):


7,000 ferrite

50,000 nano spores

5,000 circuits

1 forma




50 capacity

10 energy


You can have 5 members in each training/ tutorial session. Hostile enemies will be edited by the warlord, making them easy, medium, hard and making them light, medium, hard infantry. 


Warlords can see them through a holographic map, pinpointing the members in the whole terrain. 


The terrains have traps, split ups and parkour which is needed to survive.


There are 2 types of training, Capture the Artifact and Survival.


Capture the Artifact

- members in each session have to capture the artifact protected with high security of hostile enemies, making intruders with no escape. In each round, Players will have an edited health/ shield edited by the warlord. When a player loses his health, members around him cannot revive him, since they have only 5 lives in each session. They will spawn again until the round ends. The times where the members will have to capture the artifact is again edited by the warlord, together with the architect.



- Members will survive accordingly to the minutes given to them, which is edited by the warlord. The terrain will be filled with traps and will be huge, with obstacles, dead ends and enemies, making clan members hard to survive with that kind of environment. Sentinels are not included in these types of training.


Other Types Of Training

- Warlords can make their own personnel training for their clan members, with map editor.


These trainings also have charts of each member in the TCF room:




Top clan members will have a 2nd try in the daily awards, or will have a chance to get 1 forma. This will repeat every day. Training room also have a period of time where all the energy must be rested and restored, making the training room available for only some time, when used often. 


To make it 24 hours straight, warlords and architects must charge 20 platinum every month.

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