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Vauban P.d. (Freeze, Grenieer Scum!)


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So ever since the devs introduced the Vasto, sometimes I like to run around on my Vauban and pretend to be a space cop. I'm a 26 year old who likes to run around in a third person shooter and pretend he's police....

Don't judge. Bear with me.


I play my Vauban with the standard helmet, in blue and red colours and with the Vasto at his hip and he looks like a cop from the future. I even made his energy bright yellow so it looks like laser caution tape. To hell with FPS! And Lastly, the Sling Stone emblem on the shoulder, totally seals the deal. If the dev's could make a badge emblem and put it on the market, that would definitely sell.

But let's take it one step further. What if the badge wasn't some cheap gimmick in the market, but and unlockable!

What if, in order to unlock the badge, you had to own the right colour palettes and weaponry?

The concept is this:

The badge is VAUBAN SPECIFIC. (Don't worry, I have you other warframes covered later)

The standard Issue Vauban P.D. is blue primary, black secondary, white tint colour 3, red tint colour 4. and yellow energy.) The colours are not standard, but come from various platinum colour packs.
(Eg. The blue is a specific one from the ice colour pack and the red from fire, white from classic saturated, etc.)

The player can use any primary and melee weapon, but the side arm HAS to be either a custom Vauban P.D.  Vasto or Lex. (The side arm has to look very law enforcement.)
They are a reskin of the original weapons and the blue prints drop in either the void or randomly across the systems. They are PURELY COSMETIC, cost the same mats to build and have no bonus except for rarity. This is to avoid the pay to win scenario the devs have successfully managed to stay away from.

There is also a standard issue Vauban P.D, helmet that also has to be found in the void or randomly across the system.

Once the helmet, sidearm and right colours are equipped, the badge is available to be worn on the left shoulder, just like the sling stone emblem. (you can still equip your guild emblem in uniform.)


There is also a ranking system:

Commissioner (Chief of Police)
Deputy Commissioner (Deputy Chief)

The first person to unlock all the components receives the rank of Commissioner, the second, Deputy, then the next 11, Colonel then the next 30 major, and the number of players increases at a set amount for each subsequent rank until Officers which are unlimited, given it being the last rank.

Each unlocked wearable police badge emblem  also reflects each rank. So the Commissioner has a one of a kind, super flashy custom emblem, the Deputy has a less flashy but also unique emblem and so on for each rank. 
Once the badge is unlocked, it can be worn at any time EXCEPT for officers, who can only wear the emblem when in FULL Vauban Police Department uniform (correct colours, sidearm, helmet)
BOOM! Vauban P.D.

This concept actually encourages the purchase of colour palettes as it gives them a way to unlock more Warframe awesomness if only just more cosmetic awesomeness.
And it can apply to any Warframe model!
Think about it!

F.D. Frost! (Fire Department)
Dr. Trinity!
MAD SCIENTIST NOVA!( with a custom colored seer pistol!)
Loki the Magician!
Messenger Volt (with custom Fangs!)
Ember Pyrotechnicians!
Special Ops. Ash (with custom Twin Vipers) 

Maybe unlocking these specifications can unlock cosmetic changes to certain Warframe abilities as well, so the word "CAUTION" actually circles around Bastille, or the Ember shoots fireworks when she uses Fireball.
There are so many possibilities to work with. 

So, I hope one of the devs reads this and takes it seriously, and if they do use this concept,...

I have to be the Commissioner.

Best_Tiger: Vauban Chief of Police, I like the sound of that.

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