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Broken Captive Pathing Needs To Be Fixed Immediately.


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I pride myself on my mission victory rate.  I'm a decent player, and there's not much I can't get past with the right loadout and a couple of friends.

Which is why it drives me up the @(*()$ wall when I fail the mission because the goddamn capture target has an aneurism and and decides to chill in the midle of a catwalk until he gets shot dead by nearby enemies.

I'm aware this is a beta, and I'd be willing to accept the occasional failed mission due to this glitch, but what REALLY bothers me is when it makes me fail an alert that I've only got ONE shot at.  Just now, I was trying to complete an alert for a Neurode reward, and the captive derped out.  This is the seventh alert I've failed this way.  As a matter of fact, in my experience, 'rescue' missions glitch out more often than not, with a roughly sixty percent chance for this bug to occur.

This is a very major problem.  Either fix 'rescue' missions so they're not of pre-alpha quality, or remove the damn things from the game until they're playable.


Edit: And yes, I know you don't need to have the captive at the exit to complete the mission.  About half the time, I can leave the idiot behind and still succeed, but if even one enemy spawns in the room the captive is stuck in, I'm screwed.  Every time I play a rescue mission, it's like I'm rolling the dice as to whether or not I'll be hit in the face with a game-breaking bug.

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 My problem with the rescued person is that he / she has been tortured so bad that sometimes its brain gets fried and the rescued gets stuck on stairs, columns or borders. Fortunately that can get fixed with Mag's pull or Loki's switch.


 On my last run, the rescued did something I have not seen before. He just ran way ahead of my clanmate and me while we cleaned the room for him to pass safely. He somehow didn't get killed 3 rooms ahead that was full of Grineer.

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Just now with the neurode alert going solo, my captive just wont go down the ceiling access. It got killed just after the room lockout. This is the reason I hate rescue missions. Much more when it adds another mission after the rescue.


The captive is too slow and dumb. The captive's moves peed should match the rescuer's move speed to compensate for its derpness. If not for the neurodes, i would not have taken that mission.


And then there's this blue alert, still a rescue, but now on a grineer ship thats on fire with corpus all around. The captive just thought that she would look cool walking on fire and molten metal. She died from corpus lasers.

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The prisoner now seems to have the same following script that the enemy units have and the fault with this script is that if the person they are following goes too far ahead they try to get to them by taking the shortest path to catch up and this just gets them stuck in places that they cant move forward from.  Sometimes they dont seem to try to move around the obstacle they are just stuck trying to move forward to reach their target.


The easy solution to this is either telling everyone to slow down and figure out who he/she is following so that person doesnt just rush forward or..... just dont do Rescue Missions. I ended up picking the second choice because this has to be the mission i failed the most because people just dont care about the prisoner. And it doesnt help that he doesnt need to be at extraction, which, by the way, was done because the previous script the prisoner had, had him getting stuck in the cover position in certain areas. So this lead to the attitude of just rushing to the end and hoping that he lives which is really just a gamble.


I really dont do Rescue Mission if i dont have to. I remember a while back when i was leveling some frame and was just picking missions that had teams in them and got into 3 Rescue Missions not paying attention and i ended up failing all of those three. And that really made me remember why i had not done a Rescue Mission in a long time. It made me pay attention to what mission i was clicking on from that moment on.

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