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On Which Warframe To Put Orokin Reactor?



Hey Guys,


I need an advice , I have a reactor but I dont know on which warframe to put.:

-Frost Prime




I play most with Ash but he is already potatoed.



Edit: All my frames are 30 level and stop saying about Ash , I already mention I play most with it .

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Hard choice really. I have Frost and Vauban and I've potatod both. Frost is a solid Warframe (get it? xD) and is able to sustain large amounts of damage if modded correctly. He's a great Warframe for crowd control and defensive purposes but that does not imply he can't deal damage (although not his primary function). Vauban is a master when it comes to maintaining control over the battlefield, you can use Teslas to stun lock and provide support damage and you have Bastille and Vortex which basically are two of the most incredible crowd control skills in Warframe, but Vauban can be quite fragile and having to throw your skills instead of having an imediate activation like other skills requires you to think carefully about your position on the battefield.

If you are aiming for Defense perhaps I would potato Vauban since he is good against any faction. Corpus and Grineer suffer from Teslas and Infested are stopped in their tracks by Bastille. But if you want a Warframe to run every mission, I would say Frost. It's a personal preference because I have a hard time making full use of Vauban on missions which force you to move around (Vauban is more of a stationary Warframe). So for all kinds of missions I would say Frost.

It's kind of a bad review of them but it's all I can say without writing a wall of text.

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I did Rhino first. He is basically a damage dealer. Rhino Skin is very powerful, along with Stomp. The Reactor allows you to add in speed mods and add in extra Flow and power mods.


I've also JUST put one in Frost, but only because he excels at defense. That said, he doesn't deal much damage at all.

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Nova is really good for speed runs since most mobs can be insta-nuked and she's really fast (2nd fastest in the game i believe?). You can go waves 1-5 with nova in defense if you plan to mat farm the entire area and then finish it real quick. If you want a hardcore defense mission, pick frost or vauban because they can protect the pod really well. vauban for infested and frost for everyone else.

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Well personally I think all Frames need a potato (or atleast deserve one).


But it all depends on which one YOU like to use the most..


But personally I would pick Vauban. He got great defense abilities and Vauban has some great offense aswell!


Also, I don't like to use Frost (or Frost Prime) and I haven't found my love for Rhino (yet)

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Thay all are good. any way lvl 30 Frost will hold well eaven without potato - just give him continuety+streamlime and he can stop an army with hes magic globe, as well ar Rino, who should be always in hes super armour mode. As for Vauban - mine is still in foundary so cant say from own experiance, but in paper he looks thin on stats (at least at early game). But hes skills should provide decent CC to balance that. Yet Nyx is eaven more fragile, but she never dies once u master her. I guess Vauban can just throw Bastile and proctice shooting on stedy targets

Just try different playstyles an than make a decision

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Vauban needs the reactor most to be competitve end game. Hes fairly squishy when bastille isnt up compared to the other 2, so you need to mod for health/shields as well as abilities.


Frost you can slot in +duration and +range and sit behind snowglobe all day. Adding a potato allows you to take personal defensive mods, meaning you can run out of the globe once in a while :D


Rhino can work with just Focus and IS, and maybe stretch/stomp. Adding the potato lets you take Flow/Streamline, Roar and +duration mods, giving him an additional support role, and/or rush for more movement speed.

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