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Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

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I've never posted questions before but having read through the last 9 pages, I have a couple of things I would like to ask:

- Somachord: Are there any plans for improving controls of the somachord? I would like to lock a couple of the songs on permanent loop so that one minute I'm listening to dreamy music and the next being terrorised by intense infested tracks don't happen. (Basically a play list would be nice) Especially since we don't know what the song will sound like before we unlock it.

 --- will it be possible for the somachord to persist during the game login session rather than reactivating it every time I return to my ship?


- Orbiter Capacity: Orbiter capacity was recently increased and it's wonderful, having the separate capacity has allowed me to continue my long term project of lining the entire back wall of the operator room with piv ayatan sculptures.,.. problem is, I'm going to run out of capacity again soon - are there any plans to increase the capacity of this room to be more than the others, since it's one of the larger rooms in the ship?


- Navigation Menu: Nav map - Are there more changes planned for this?

The old map allowed you to mouse over a planet to see its resources without having to click each planet which was great, but when the new navigation was released it was removed and hidden behind the extractor icon, something which MANY players don't realise. (I see the question a lot in region, and have surprised many a player by telling them about it.) It seems a step backwards to have to click every planet and then mouse over the icon every time to find the resources once more.

--- Furthermore, a way to mark whether a planet/region is currently in night or day? At the moment if we want to know if its earth day or plains day we have to rely on external websites to tell us. This seems like something that should be available ingame without surprise loading in and hoping its the right time of day/night. Even without a timer, a night/day icon would be useful.


- Relics:  Are they going to be reworked sometime in the future?

Currently we are getting more and more relics, stacked between vaulted and new they grow. The reason rivens were capped to 90 was because of the variability and the amount of data load to the system, but are relics not contributing to this load? The longer someone has played, the more vaulted relics they have. 80% of my relics are vaulted and since I haven't used them all up, they're not disappearing from the game or my inventory (I'm definitely not the only one that has them either). So is there anything going to be done about the relic burden?

--- could there be a way of marking the vaulted relics? I like to use these in full teams rather than on solo runs, but I don't get long to pick a relic in endless missions. I have a list of the ones I can use but it's inefficient. 

--- Are there any plans to add a notification when you're at the cap for traces? Maybe add it to the quick view when you press esc for credit/plat (/kuva/traces)


- Syndicate: Are there any plans to increase the max amount of standing you can store? (Standing cap be increased). C(currently it has a low leeway between capping and the amount needed to buy a weapon, so maxing out happens regularly.


- Dojo:  Some of the devstreams have talked about the work being done in the dojo and I would like to know what it will mean for teleporters and decorations placed outside the rooms? Before dojo holes were patched, some of us figured out how to escape the confines of the rooms. I've placed teleporters outside the rooms to allow that exploration of the boundary to continue. More and more of the exit ways have been fixed so the teleporters are our main way out now.  (Love escaping to the roof of the juuno water garden, its the most beautiful and peaceful place in the dojo). Since they exist outside the room boundary, will they be destroyed with the coming changes?


- Orbiter:  ship load outs (ABC), will they ever be a thing? I like my current colours, but sometimes I'd like to try something new without destroying the old if it doesn't work out.


- Simulacrum: Now that multiplayer simulacrum is a thing, are there any plans to increase the number of arsenal stations so that you don't have a queue of players in your team wanting to change their gear?


I hope the team at DE had a fantastic break and I look forward to seeing what content they are bringing for the year to come :)

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Will you ever update riven dispositions based on current usage? It's been a while already and so many "new" weapons still have a neutral testing disposition that probably should have something different (like Cycron). 

Also, how do you feel about allowing beam weapons to tick their damage faster?

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Can you guys officially address the Zephyr situation? She's a month away from reaching 4 years of no changes.

The majority of the community thinks she is flawed and no action has been taken to fix this issue. 


Also, what is the progress on the Zephyr Deluxe skin?

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Quartakk feedback:

I dislike the fact that the status is actually spread across the four pellets like a shotgun because the Quartakk takes rifle mods instead of shotgun mods; shotgun mods are designed with the idea that the damage and status is split between the pellets but with the way rifle mods are designed they don't feel like they should go together with the Quartakk's current implementation

And as far as Rivens are concerned, I still have the same questions and conerns about rivens I want to ask for this devstream as the previous devstream so I'm copy/pasting my questions below:

What can we expect with the way Rivens are headed going foward? I have a few questions specifically regarding rivens -

  1. Re rolling Rivens feels frustrating because it currently feels like playing with a casino slot machine, you have little to no control over what you are doing with rerolls. I run into too many whiffs when rerolling rivens. Do you have any plans on making ways to have a bit more control over what stats you can get on your rivens in exchange for increasing reroll costs by at least 10-15x? The reason I have seen the arcane system introduced in PoE being recieved more positively than ones obtained from raids is that the only aspect of RNG involved in the system is gathering resources used in the blueprints building the arcanes. I'm currently enjoying the exoida arcanes from the recent plague star event for this reason as the time gate involved with getting the set was grinding the gems required to build the arcanes rather than rolling the dice and hoping you get the arcane itself as a drop from a boss
  2. What are your plans for the change in Riven Dispositions look like in the near future? I ask this specifically with regards to people's change in use of weapons with regards to shifting metas, introduction of new weapons phasing out old weapons that were once seen as classics, or even as a result of direct weapon buffs/nerfs. With regards to new weapons, I am seeing (and using) a LOT of arca plasmors and lenzes and am not sure if the amount of use those weapons are getting are consistent with other weapons with a neutral disposition. Examples of really good weapons that have came out with buffs that are seeing a lot of attention and still have strong Riven dispositions include the Opticor and the Sicarus Prime. I use both of these weapons a lot because I have good crit rivens for both of these weapons. Though it doesn't feel right to increase the crit stats of the weapons without weakening the rivens associated with them. On the contrary, I am of the opinion that Tonkor and Simulor Rivens should get some love and have their dispositions seriously buffed. Ever since they were nerfed, their use has declined way below what was seen out of weapons who originally had a riven disposition of 1/5. They absolutely did deserve to have such a weak riven disposition while they were two of the meta weapons but their nerfs have shifted their power levels to middle of the table when it comes to weapons yet still have weak riven stats. I understand that riven disposition changes should only be made sparingly and with announcement because people who buy/gather rivens expect the riven to work as described for a good period of time but It feels like you (DE) have gone completely silent on this topic during the last couple of months and I'm not sure what to expect at this point.
  3. Are you physically able to offer more Riven slots for plat at this point? As someone who obtains rivens almost exclusively from daily sorties, I am now at a position where throwing plat your way won't let me not dissolve or give away extra rivens to make me eligible for running additional sorties (I've been at 90/90 for a while now). I understand that this causes server headaches which is why riven slots cost extra plat compared to other slot types but I'm wondering if you're willing/able to work around those constraints to potentially or even partially keep up with those who get their Rivens from doing sotries on a almost completely daily basis
  4. This question is pure speculation but do you put an occurrence bonus on the odds of getting rivens for event weapons during the said event window? I'm wondering this because while participating in the plague star event, I noticed that I obtained multiple melee rivens during the event and they were all for the infested zaw strikes.
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18 minutes ago, (PS4)EzekielSin said:

The plat sale was cut short on the 27th which means alot of people were not able to take advantage of the sale. Its now 2 weeks later with no fixes. Are we just out of luck?

the thread you want is here


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Question that's probably been asked a million times and will most definitely be answered on the stream but I'm asking to quell my desperation for a bit: How soon is 22.8 coming out on consoles?


As for my other questions that are more... Important I suppose:

  • Any big plans for the Clans besides what's already been talked about? New system, UI, etc?
  • Will we see more expansion on the Tenno or the Stalker? I'd love to eventually find the Stalkers true origin, or maybe even just have our Tenno come to a compromise and talk to him for a bit. Oh I'm rambling, onwards
  • Will we see more quests exposing the Lore/History of the Orokin?
  • Due to the nature of Nidus, is it even possible for him to have a Prime variant?
  • Can we get a few more lines for our ol' pal Ordis?

Well I think that's all the questions I have, I can only hope you'll get to them and answer them for me! I'll definitely be watching! <3

Happy New Year DE, here's to Warframe's 5th year, and my 3rd with the game! :community:

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Under Damage 3.0, with Slash procs' strength being weighted based on the proccing weapon's Slash damage, what will happen to weapons that can force Slash procs like Rapiers, or Hunter Munitions?

The “Hold X to self-Revive” mechanic appeases players who wanted the ability to die without being saved, but the big text in the center of the screen fools new players into wasting their personal Revives by thinking they’re contributing to their own revival. Are more UI changes coming to emphasize that it’s not the intended use?

Imagine this everyday scenario for Tenno:
Your Sentinel is your only source of Vacuum; without it, you spend the entire mission staring at the floor. When your Sentinel dies, the only way to get it back is to die and spend a Revive.
As developers, how can you address this scenario?

The Profile video for Oberon abilities was recently updated, but did not mention important facets of his kit like the interaction between Hallowed Ground and Reckoning, the bonus damage Reckoning receives from Radiation, the bleedout buff for Renewal, etc. Many players are already unaware of the full breadth of his abilities and must use out-of-game resources to inform themselves. Is there any concern that Oberon's execution may be too complex?

Since the last time you mentioned addressing “mandatory” mods like Serration and multishot, you’ve added Primed Point Blank, Primed Pressure Point and Riven mods to the game, which simply contribute to the issue. Have you officially gone back on plans to address these mods?

What exactly is the point of allowing Volt to pick up Electric Shield if it costs him extra energy to move while active? It directly penalizes the synergy it creates with Speed, and actively discourages charging his passive.

In your first Reddit AMA about 2 years ago, you were asked if you'd considered adding an extra color tint option for metals on the PBR Prime items (including the frames post-Nova Prime)... and Sheldon missed the point when he answered. Would someone else care to revise?

Players allied with New Loka/Perrin Sequence have no means to obtain the Large Shield Restore blueprint. Would there be a neutral way in the future to increase the availability of this Restore?

Akvasto Prime: When?

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As someone who recently joined warframe - I am keen to see what progress is being made on restoring the solar rail conflict system. The fact that clan alliances effectively own chunks of the map forever and that newer clans are basically locked out of important research affinity for their dojos is a concern.

I`d love to do a bit of meaningful battle for alliance glory and seeing this aspect of the game return in a fair way would be a great boon to the community, I feel.

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Hey, welcome back!

Some weapon related questions here! I see we are getting a lot of new ones, but what about some cool ones that already exist in the game but only used by enemies? When will we be getting the Nox GLOO Cannon? Will we ever be getting either of the cool Rathuum Executioner-only weapons like the Jat Kittag Polearm or Twin Hek? Noticed the Tusks also have the little brother of the Grattler with its own skin, as well which looks cool. And, for laughs, what about that squeaky Kuva Jester hammer? That isn't even mentioning the cool Swarm Detron, Targeting Angstrum! How long shall we stand envying the armaments of our enemies!?:sad:

Also infested weapons, heard mention of an upgraded Vandal/Wraith/Syndicate equivalent for them a while back, wondering how that is currently looking? Currently the only weapon category without it, and we do have Helminth now.

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Apostasy / Khora's / Sacrifice are 3 separate quests yes ?

When will we get a minigun ?! T_T

Mandatory mods rework or weapon edits to accommodate that concept?

What will be the next boss rework?

Can we get back backflip after wall run and obstacle jump?

What happened to the arcane crystals ?!

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Zephyr Adjustments

Zephyr Better

Zephyr Completion

Zephyr Divebomb

Zephyr Entertainment

Zephyr Failure

Zephyr Greatness

Zephyr Heinousness

Zephyr In-Need-Of-Work

Zephyr Joke

Zephyr Killed

Zephyr Mistreatment

Zephyr Neglected

Zephyr Obsolete

Zephyr Predicament

Zephyr Questionable

Zephyr Rework

Zephyr Saveher

Zephyr Tailwind+Tornado

Zephyr Winner

Zephyr Xylophones

Zephyr Zephyr


...I accept my temporary ban.

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Question: Can Scythes get a smooth, mobile stance? Stalking Fan is technically mobile, but compared to other stances (e.g. Descisive Judgement and Atlantis Vulcan) it feels slow and clunky, where Reaping Spiral feels smooth but is not mobile.

Suggestion/Question: Instead of Damage 2.5, have you considered a "soft" rework, like with how the Body Count/Blood Rush (or similar pairings) revamped melee? Recently it occured to me you could have a mod that increased the magnitude (not duration) of a proc and make most statuses more viable. For example, if Viral reduces max health by 50% for 10s, this mod could reduce max health by 75%-80% for 10s. Likewise an Impact proc could be boosted to full ragdoll, and Gas dealing 175% of the weapons toxin damage.

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Q. Will Lato Vandal ever return? If not will we see another Lato Variant in the future, like Lato Wraith/Prisma?

Q. Claw stances still remain broken while moving, animations with flips and jumping don't finish and we miss hits, will this be fixed?

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