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Coming Soon: Devstream #104!


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vor 6 Stunden schrieb AuroraSonicBoom:

Q1: I've always wondered what the basic idea for the Observation dojo room was, apart from allowing players to gaze out into space, I mean. The solar system setup reminds me a lot about the navigation room in the relays. Are there plans to give the Observation room a function similar to our Orbiter's and the relay's navigation areas?

On that note, when will we finally get the option to make our own Clan Alerts or has that idea been scrapped again?

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Will farming endo become easier? The sheer amount required for some is overwhelming and I feel that it might put a damper on people who saw this game for its creative modding system and then were stopped by the fact that there is no easy way to "farm" endo other than the occasional ayatan sculpture or grinding out mods on low level defenses and selling said mods for endo. Also, are new support frames in the making? Using the same fram (trinity) is slightly boring. The trinity frame definitely works, but a new support frame might add some diversity to high level play. Can't wait for the stream!

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May I add to the noise?

1. Focus - any thoughts on it? While I am still trying to max out most schools my only issue is some of the benefits in certain schools. I.e. Naramon and the extra 45% (at max) affinity gained when using melee, is it possible to change that to maybe a flat increase when using anything? Or changing it all together?

2. Umbra - I feel like prior posts have already said enough and I can't think of anything more to add

3. Sofas, couches and beds- Now that we have a personal quarters can we get something that makes it look like our operator doesnt sit in a chair all the time? Also why all this kneeling? It's not that big of an issue and Warframes are ninja's, but damn it I want my operator to sit. If it has to be some sort of quasi-meditation pose can't we get a variety? I.e. bow legged, hands in lap or a one knee kneel?

4. Operator Customization - Any plans for more cosmetics? Maybe a tunnel in the plains that leads to a long and forgotten GAP or Nordstroms...Macy's?

anyway excited regardless, see you friday

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Any plan to fix quest time line? Right now quest time line might be abit confusing for new player.For an example because junction unlock,patient zero (alad v was infescted) come after second dream (alad v cured).Espectially with when some of story be a part of operation (help cure alad v).Have you ever consider re-arrage quest order and maybe add a part of story from operation as mini-quest or something?.

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For Steve: Since we have The Replay Feature with Quests, Do you Think you can make a Replay 2.0? Replay 2.0 being the Level Of difficulty Raises Every time we Replay replay-able quests. Basically New Game Plus(NG+) Like Dark Souls. If there was a Thought of it, Would there be Rewards for each Level Completion? with the mindset there would be a Limit of say, level 100 quest. 

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Only have 1 Question... How is that "Enemy Spawn 2.0" Coming Along?

I think it was Scott who said he had been working on a new Spawn System for the Enemy Factions.

I don't know about you but i don't like having 20 Energy Leech/Parasitic Eximus Draining Energy, Toxic Ancient sucking Health or Nullifier types Hiding massive groups under each Bubble.

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Will old movement animations ever be updated and polished?  Like...Less clunky jogging animation?

Will melee blocking stance "shoulder break" issue ever be adressed? Will we ever get fix for "opticor arm" syndrome?

Will weapons like Brakk and Detron ever get unique reloading animation? They use standart lato reloading now.


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Would there be new progression to drive towards?

Me and my friend whom started three months ago have reached a point where we kind a don't have anything really important to chase "carrot on a stick". Yes, we have frames to get, and weapons to master etc. but there is no major thing to chase or to achieve, at least in pve side.
Funny thing we both said was that we want to play this game more, but there is nothing really to drive towards, so whats the point.

Focus is only good for eidolon hunting, since the operator and warframe synergy has not yet been fully implemented, would love to see similar mechanic like killing kuva guardians in normal gameplay, that would make operator much more viable to invest time to make him/her stronger.

One thing which was good, was new standings like cetus and quill, even if it sucked major a** to be capped daily. Focus daily limit is not flaw, since you can get more focus by hunting eidolons, so thats why focus works well enough. The gayguy plays has stated that he will soon have nothing to do and he has truly done almost everything.

We kind a need really big carrot to chase, and one which is important for normal gameplay. As I stated previously, operator has not been fully added to fighting mechanic thus focus is not important to cap.

I watched older videos of warframe and tower thing. I understand why DE removed it, but I kind a want to have that experience, to reach maxium wave amout of 150 with 6h played and in same time getting nice stuff, not just relics, like actual prime parts/umbra parts. Certain mission having their own drop pool of items. Let say Umbra stuff could be implemented into that mechanic. Something to use this overpower weapons and still feel like that was close. Whats the point of rivens when you become so powerful that it is pointless to use on anything because its major overkill.. opticor + riven 2milj crits on eidolon limb... that much overkill has to be channeled to something. 

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6 hours ago, Ragingwasabi said:

You guys showed us this picture a loooong time ago
but ended up shipping only half of the hairstyles. can we please have the others as well? especially the hairstyle in the left column, 2nd row? its so nice!

Those look great. Though I'd hope to see the lighter hair colors look better. An example would be when I select white from a color palette. What I get instead of the whites for Kubrow fur color is more of a gym clothes grey/gray. No offense.

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First off, all of us that complete the prologue quest are wonder when the main quest would come.


And... Khora, the female warframe, would be released soon. But, usually DE releases non-prime warframes by male-female-male-female order, and the recent new warframes are Nydus(m)-Octavia(f)-Harrow(m)-Gara(f). Isn't releasing a female frame again would break the custom, although you are not compeled to do so? Else, is it intended to correct the custom broken by Wukong and Nezha, to add two more females then make the custom stable?


Which weapons are released with Khora? In the past devstreams we saw Korinth, but, that was already released and she was used them because of show us Korinth. Which weapons would be her chosen weapons?


Also, what is [PH] GRINEER UZI on the last devstream? Was it Stubba, which was released after the devstream(and it is actually a Grineer weapon and is a submachine gun), or an another new weapons in development?


Related with Khora... is Venari also has its own rank? Or its rank is simply equal to Khora?


Any plan to revamp Focus 2.0? The system is still flawed and has no improvements.


Anything new on the personal quarter too? There is not much things to decorate....


How goes on Damage 2.5 process? Was there any changes from the last introduce or nothing is changed on that?

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Any Gantulyst / Hydrolyst progress? Also, since Onkko's lines refer to the Teralyst, will he have new lines for the two new variants?

Will there be more methods of farming Kuva?

Will broken face meshes be fixed on Operators? 

Whatever happened to the focus gain changes?


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Can you guys please start looking to bugs in the Orbiter? 

List of Personal Quarters bugs that I can list off the top of my head:

  • 3 slits that open into outer space on 3 sides of the door into the Quarters
  • Warframe statue sometimes missing or looking like almost dead Saryn Molt
  • Visitors cannot see stencil nor hear music
  • Visitors cannot see fish

Also I've became immovable and forced to restart Warframe multiple times while exiting Foundry and clicking equip on warframes in Arsenal.


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