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Coming Soon: Devstream #104!


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When will the Ghouls (and by extension the Personal Quarters, Somachord, and hidden quest) update drop for consoles?

Any plans for augment mods for Warframes without them (such as Octavia)? If not, what crazy ideas for augments can you come up with? Don't worry, these crazy ideas are just to keep the creativity flowing, and aren't expected to be introduced to the game.

As stated in an earlier post, can the Observatory room in the dojo gain the ability to act as a Navigation room (similar to the one in the relays)? Players will already return to the dojo upon completion of a mission if they joined a squad while there, and require leaving the squad to return to their Orbiter to start a new mission.

On a related note, perhaps an Armory room can be added to the dojo, so players can change and customize loadouts within the dojo? Access to a foundry in said room or a separate room would be nice, but not necessary.

OR allow players to acess the Arsenal from the pause menu, like in other social spaces? Not as cool, but just as functional.

Are the customizeable obstacle courses replacing the current ones, or being a separate room? If they're replacing them, what will happen to the All Players Leaderboard?

Also, the All Players leaderboard is consistently filled with cheated times. Is it possible to patch the transporter glitch in the dojo, or at least prevent it from being usable to cheat the course?

Can we have more decorations in the dojo (that fit with the aesthetic of most of the rooms)? Such as:

- Placeable Somachords (that can either change songs like the Orbiter ones or are limited to a song selected during construction, like the transporter names)

- Placeable Arsenals/Foundries (with the aesthetic of the Trading Post/Vault, only if the Arsenal isn't added in one of the above ways)

- Floor Medallions (we still only have three. Three RANDOM ones, 3, 8, and 9 if I recall correctly)

- Ship Decorations (such as Ayatan Treasures or Fish Plaques, possibly requiring the Ship decoration as a construction resource)

EDIT: Can you remove "Orokin Ciphers" as a reward from Corrupted Mod Vaults, or add functionality now that the quest is obtained through junctions? Perhaps as an upgraded version of the Cipher gear item usable in Sorties/Nightmare Raids or on Orokin puzzles where normal Ciphers can't work on, or as a crafting resource for other items?

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First, why you guys decided to add some unreleased assets into the game? for example, anyone can link Radiant Eidolon Shard in chat (yet currently there's no way to obtain these), as well as notice that item in advance, when trying to convert focus point but have no Brilliant eidolon shards


Second, i don't know if you guys have, "scrapped" ideas, but as you reveal some upcoming features on each devstream, some (or most) features don't have the "Follow-ups" yet, so, what upcoming features (that you mentioned before on past devstreams), have the follow-ups?


EDIT: Third, will the ghouls be a permanent addition to the game? also i seem to like to complete ghoul fragments, but not acquired by ghoul bounties like before (in other words, i'd like to hear a different way to obtain those ghoul fragments), as well as fulfill the codex entry, either by scanning them, or kill them with heliocor

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What about Gara, Volt, and that 153-page-Ash rework thread? They're in need of attention that hasn't been given to them.

Will DE fix rivens being RNG spaghetti, 1 HKO's of Archwing in the Plains, the Corpus as a faction (because they're a pain to fight), etc.?

Or would they rather talk about how Orokin meat tastes...

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First of all, Happy Holidays! To both the person kind enough (or not :p) to read all this and all of DE. Best of luck in the new year!

Questions for the devstream:

  • Next (Venus) landscape:

Will the Venus landscape, or any other landscape in the future, be a metropolis? I believe that the Corpus lifestyle and technology allow for interesting designs. Since we already have a landscape with nature and wilderness as its themes, it would be interesting to take a more urban approach to the Venus landscape. Personally, I have in mind something along the lines of this:











Basically, what I'm aiming at here is a densely-packed city with narrow streets, bustling traffic, commerce, and advertisements that bathe the city in color. The last picture is from an old game called Beam Breakers, which I played at some point in the past. It's, obviously, not that futuristic - nowhere near the technological level of the Corpus - but what I wanted to show with that one is the traffic. Imagine dropping down onto streets full of hovering freighters and private VIP vehicles, while those on the streets are engrossed in bureaucracy and trade.

Whenever I played Corpus missions, I always felt a sense of emptiness. There was no character. Do not get me wrong, I am not criticizing the capability of the design team or their tastes! I merely believe that Corpus tilesets, as they are now, do not show any history as the Grineer locations do. The Grineer settlements and ships, for an example, reflect the faction's decay and crudeness. Of course, this theme would not fit the Corpus, whose structures seem rather clean and rectangular. What the Corpus landscape needs is something to reflect the commercial nature of the Corpus, their greed and obsession with profit.

I am well aware that it is most likely too late to alter the design of the Venus landscape at this point. Still, I do hope that the next landscape will do the Corpus justice, and breathe new life into the faction, all the while allowing us to experience that life ourselves.

  • A bunch of questions, stuff already talked about, etc.:

1. Are there any plans to, at some point, develop or move on to a new engine? The game is indeed gorgeous, a fact the PoE update reaffirmed, yet I worry that it may, at some point, fall behind the competition. Especially when we consider the fact that Warframe has the potential to run for, at least, a decade.

2. Would Warframe benefit from the technology advocated by Euclideon? Specifically, their Unlimited Detail engine.

3. Are you still planing on reworking the energy system?

4. Is the kingpin system still in the works?

5. When can we expect the Sentient outposts?

6. Will a new solar system be introduced in the game (eventually)?

7. Could you work on the ability to customize individual pieces of armor, and, if doable, allow players to reposition armor pieces (like with the holster customization)?

8. Can we expect further expansion of the Orbiter?

9. Will channeling receive the much needed love, including revisited channeling costs of melee weapons across the board?

10. How will you take responsibility for all the children traumatized by the image of their mother leaving them for her ex-boyfriend? (Sorry, I had to. x'D)

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Hello Tenno.

My Warframe proposal for “Orbiter Fashion 2.0”


I have only been with the Warframe community for about a month and a-half now, and my first impression on the game just pushed me right of my sitting log.

The game play was great, the grinding was even better. When i started becoming greater acquainted with the game, and actually obtaining a large sum of plat, i was looking for a way to spend it all. Unfortunately i was underwhelmed with the amount of items and variations of items i could buy from the Warframe Store; and altho the selections were great, i felt as tho it could be Better. Because hey, Warframe is a “Labor Of Love.”


Note: Unfortunately with my second semester coming up in the next few days. I was unable to Fully propose the remainder of my ideas, into this forum post. But i will continue to add upon this post.

New Loka


Keep in mind that the entirety of the floor is covered in grass.


Codex Table/Warframe Store Table


The cyan colored lines are where the New Loka light poles are positioned. Covered by a a combination of leaves and vines towards the base of the pole gradually moving up but stopping about 3/4ths of the way up.

Connecting 1/4th of the pole all the way across the length of the Codex Table there is. Almost like a drape of leaves hanging over the edge of the table.

On the top portion of the table you have a leaf colored counter with a few leafs here and there. The holographic projector is covered with leaves leading town the back portion of the Codex Table. Towards the upper part of the codex scanner there would be some vines hanging with the occasional leaf or two.



Towards both the left and right sides of the SunSheild, there would be a small waterfall pouring out towards the middle of the room that would be stopped by the ramp coming up from the consul. When the larger ramp to enter the center part of the orbiter opens up, the plate between the two ramps lowers down and water flows through the cracks down the large ramp.



Towards the right side as you are leaving all that other stuff. There is vines heading down both sides of the scanner. And on top of the scanner there is a pad of leafs.


Modding Station

The modding station, has two waterfalls coming from the far left and right nubs. The main part of the modding station is covered in leaves and vines.



Under the foundry is a pool of fish, and the foundery is covered in foliage.


Sentinel Display

The centinel display has foliage coming from the top of the light source, and around the bottom ends, as well as the pipes behind it are vines.


Pet Maker

The Pet Maker is covered in foliage but still looks like Pet Maker just with a fresh coat of pollen. And a flower or two.


Warframe Loadout Area

The Warframe Loadout Area has a A BUNCH of vines and foliage over it.


As you are leaving the middle section of the orbiter, the ramps to the left and right are parted in the middle of both by a small flow of water that pools towards the glass section.


Tenno Relay

The Void tree has now hardened and become a real tree with only its center remaining void, but cracks trickle here and there.

The bottom of the new void tree is now a pool of water. Swimming in the water are the fish you catch covered with various vines and foliage


Tenno Quarters


With you joining the New Loka, you now have the ability to bread and change the color of certain fish within your fish tanks. Watch them grow!


Orbiter Outside

The orbiter has not just the insignia of the New Loka but also various jungle and plant life painted onto it.

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Hey! Long time veteran player here. Like 7707 Hours on steam, veteran.

Just three issues. Some questions, some suggestions.

The current state of Beam Weapons. When talking about Damage 2.5, it's been mentioned that status effects are getting a kind of "severity" could this be used to address the weakness of Continuous Fire Beam guns. After their mechanical rework, that gave them Status-per-second, they've been rather wimpy. Could we see some kind of status severity condensed into ticks, the way that their damage is condensed into ticks? Also, just a general eye on how beam weapons perform. Their pros and cons. Post Plains, they have fallen even further from grace, since their relatively low cut-off on range makes them even less useful. What is the designed purpose of beam weapons?

Riven Transmutation. I just hit 91 Riven mods. Some of my collection are not very good, like Heat Sword or Cycron rivens. I can't even give these away. Should I save these to transmute with? It was mentioned at Tennocon, how soon is it coming? What are the team's thoughts on ways to implement it?

Mandatory Mods. Serration, Vacuum etc. My suggestion: Give these mods competition. Create alternative base-damage mods that have different additional bonuses, and then make them compete exclusively with each other the way Auras must compete with each other. Create other ways to vacuum. If your intent is for the option of vacuum to open up gameplay opportunities, then create those opportunities. Create other ways to gather loot. Mag's bullet jump passive is rather neat, but kind of poor as a frame exclusive. I'd use a magnetic bullet jump mod. I'd use a vacuum mod for my gun, to vacuum at range like Samus Aran does in Metroid Prime. Anything to break up the Vacuum monopoly. The choice shouldn't be between using a wildly popular upgrade or... not at all.

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Will you guys do Hydroid Prime Trailer ? (Its fine if you say no)

Is there a rework with Zephyr in progress with her prime coming?

Side note of rework, can you relook at the sentinels and pets, really want to use a dog or charger but a kavat/sentinel is better in (many) uses.

---> Any plans for the infested room on the ship, as of now it is useless (sort of) with everything else after getting the charger and hear a few lines from the voice in the room. 

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Any news on continued focus ability changes? There are still a lot of nodes that are almost if not completely useless in actual gameplay and only really feel like they're there to look cool or fill up space. There are also many abilities that, in all my time playing since 2.0 came out, I've never seen anyone use, such as Flame Blast, Lightning Dash (which is strange because so many people are using Energizing Dash ;thinkingemoji;). Zenurik doesn't feel overpowered, but most of the other schools still feel like they have very little to offer, and even Zenurik has some really pretty useless abilities that don't feel like they're worth leaving your Warframe to go into operator to cast, let alone any time spent farming Focus to level them.


Also, please tell us you changed impact, ragdolling enemies would drastically increase time to kill, making impact weapons worse in any situation where you have to kill enemies (Survival, Excavation, like half the Bounties, Defense, etc.)

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I got 4 questions

1. Will the consoles be able to get excal prime? Say it'll be available for  1 or 2 weeks (it will be available then no more like the PC).

2. Will there be umbra weaponry with the umbra frames and will they even be called umbra?

3. Can we please have it where we can adjust the positions on the armor and the sandanas on the frames like the sigils and melee weapon

4. Ok this might be a personal preference but can we have D,E & F appearance slots?

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Q1: Will arcane helmets or the effects of arcane helmets come back into the game? And if so will new "arcane" effects be added to newer warframes?

Q2: Will primary weapons and secondary weapons, apart from snipers have some sort of scaling added to them? Because right now melee weapons and snipers are the only weapons that scale into endgame due to the combo counter and added combo effects (Such as bloodrush and weeping wounds and drifting contact or harkonar scope for snipers and the headshot / crit bonuses of snipers).

Q3: After most of the feedback seen from players on damage 2.5, are you  going to give the other IPS damage types a different effect instead of what was mentioned on the development workshop?


For the players that argue about question 1: And yes I do know normal arcanes from raids like The Law of Retribuition / Nightmare and The Jordas Verdict were supposed to replace them, but they didn't bring forward the same effects as old arcane helmets. And if they did bring back similar old effects, they also "stack" futhurmore with the effects of arcane helmets. And in almost all cases of normal arcanes, you need to trigger the arcane with something like parrying with a melee or picking up an energy orb, or getting a headshot etc, this is not the case with arcane helmets. This is pretty much like adding another excalibur prime into the game for most people, since people trade them for ridiculous amounts of platinum like maiming strike and scoliac riven mods (except that comes back every 4 -  6 months when acolytes return).

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Happy New Year dev team, I hope you are because I'm ready for another great year!


How are the corpus spider proxies coming along? Anything you are able show?

Any news on The Sacrifice Quest?

What is the biggest thing you are excited for this year, that you are able to tell us?

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