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Codex Console in Orbiter - will there be updates and revisions to how this console is developed? It's a great resource for tenno, but not many tenno use or know of it. Some information (Dark Sectors for instance) is outdated or not necessary to have and i believe the Codex can be a very potent source of information. What are your thoughts on ship resource we have?

Structure for new tenno - After Vor's Prize quest, the direction of how to navigate or progress in Warframe can be vague. Think there might be some pop-up tutorials, or in-your-face information that all tenno should know?

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damage 2.5 

how has this been further developed brain stormed 

Sacrifice quest 

be nice if we had an idea of when its deployment should happen pc side, and maybe some more teaser trailer or tidbits? 



new stances seem sluggish

stance seems to be a bit slower then the average speed and hurts the utility

Gara *FIX*

the idea was done in good intent but requires more tunning , as it stands its simply to brittle and either requires more damage or more health base or some scale factor


companion expansion 

Vomvalyst based companion or a bird based one a possibility? 

will more kavats be created? 


Operator *melee* ? 

the possibility of operators using a scaled down weapon set for themselves not just a beam weapon? 

Hydroid prime trailer 

will this be a thing? 


are the orokin possibly returning? 


Best regards [as always]


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1) With the coming changes to Damage 3.0 will we be seeing mechanics to incentive usage of all 3 weapon types during mission?

I.E: Using Pistol to deal damage X, melee to deal damage Y to finish off an enemy.


2) @[DE]Rebecca I know you like Geoff questions: Can we get the fan stance (Slicing Feathers) altered to be dual-glaive style weapons? And use the current iteration for dual daggers/swords?

Just imagine: instead of just stopping and fanning: the warframe throws one of the fan-blades while fanning with the other. As the other returns, they spin and throw the second while fanning with the first. Finally, they spin with both like a blending tornado.

As much as I love the design of the fans, they just feel more like fancy daggers than ninja fans (we can play mortal kombat sometime for reference ;D).

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With Teshin offering cosmetic armor for warframes and there always being the future possibility of syndicate cosmetic armor; is there a possibility to branch arcane enhancements to the rest of the cosmetic armor, outside of just helmet and syandana?

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Any chance of revisiting the Slicing Feathers stance? The combo animation locks make the Gunsen very frustrating to use in full melee, which is a shame as they're pretty good and look it too. I've been one-shotted by another mob while stuck in the fanning-self animation too often :awkward:

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This probably will NOT be addressed...But, AKLATO PRIME? Dual skana prime?

Also skana prime is SEVERELY UNDERPOWERED even WITH a riven, its almost unuseable in high level content, can it receive some much needed love so founders have incentive to use their founders weapons still? Lato prime changes were a huge success and make it fun to use again, but skana oof.

When will we have another Competitive High score event with limited high score mods A LA Primed chamber and such?


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Will there be any more or even bigger wildlife in the plains for us to hunt (by that I mean actually big animals that are able to scratch us a little and don't die by just poking them)? Having more diverse things to hunt would be interesting, especially during Daytime, where there are no Eidolons stomping around.

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Will there be any fixes for the items which did receive pbr  and have a lot of missing details and issues? (Prime warframes mainly, channeling pattern, broken textures)


Will you ever re-think the decision to NOT improve the design of old Prime-Waframes which nearly seem out of place compared to the other Primes?

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