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2 minutes ago, (PS4)lll-Mr-Gamer-lll said:

When can i buy the game so i can play it offline? because sometimes i travel to places that i cant use Internet there

You can’t. Warframe is a free to play online game. It cannot be bought, and it cannot be played offline.

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On 1/10/2018 at 11:15 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:


1)New player experience is really important, but what are the Dev team's thoughts on preserving the depth of the systems and complexity while making them more accessible? Many games try to pare away the game content and introduce a lot of hand-holding that ends up ruining the experience. How will the balance be handled?

2)What steps are being taken to account for the community's feedback to the suggested IPS changes?

3) Are there any plans to add difficulty modifiers like Diablo III's difficulty modes? A recurring request from vets has been to let us play existing missions with harder modifiers, levels and other additions.

4)Scott tweeted that Volt isn't meant to be a CC frame. What is Volt's role in DE's eyes, and what steps will the devs take to bring him there? Currently Volt's value lies in his ability to augment gunplay instead of providing a 'potent alternative' to it and in his CC potential. How will this change? Also, any updates on the other warframes up for rework?

5)Will the fan melee contest's Zaikagetsu(infested great katana) get the same moveset at Geoff's giant katana waifu?

6)New warframe helmets?

7)New deluxe skin concepts?

Thanks for the hard work and here's to a new year!


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14 minutes ago, Drkrhinoc said:

How do I even watch the Stream... I seem to never be able to find it..... is it on twitch?

it is on twich, www.twich.tv/warframe 2pm eastern time (us and canada) if u happen to not have time to watch it when its live, u can also watchit on youtube after the stream is over, thier youtube is playwarframe 

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1. When is Plague Star coming back?

2. Can you add Kuva drops to nodes in the Kuva Fortress itself, make them possible from caches or spy vaults hacked for example (maybe make it drop from Kuva Guardians we have to defeat)? Give us a reason to actually, consistently, go back to that tileset (looks great and your teams spent a lot of time on it). Riven rerolling is fun to some users, and if someone has 90 rivens and they want to reroll each one time (assuming each has 10+ rolls), then they need 300+K Kuva which is about 500 siphon missions without a booster. That's a lotta dashing through red clouds, and would like some variety acquiring Kuva beyond RNG bounties/sorties.

Also, can you remove the Lotus dialogue that tells us to 'attack the other braids' in siphon missions?? This is confusing and downright wrong for new players, since attacking a braid and dashing/shooting an approaching Kuva cloud are clearly different mechanics. I've had to correct so many players how to actually do the siphons because there is no tutorial and the only mission instructions given by the game are laughably unhelpful.

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4 hours ago, Cephalon_Arkan said:

As an MR 21 this doesn't exactly concern me, but i do hear from a lot of new people how that they don't have many clues on how everything works in warframe from the get-go.
Would it be possible to get a tooltip-esque way for explaining multiple things in the beginning, such as when you first open the upgrade menu you'll be shown in real time how a basic mod build works? Or when they open their foundry and get explained how it all works?

Perhaps also make the quest section in the codex more intuitive to show quest chains. For example the quest that starts a chain is on the top in the middle, then has connective paths detailing their relationships towards others, such as Vor's prize -> required for -> howl of the kubrow etc etc

Also, what's the status on those real-life weapon skins ?

Having some extra lines of dialog regarding game Lore in each node would help a lot i think,  there is a quick and general description on what to do but it does not feel like having a sense of purpose of why the hek are we killing 8000 grineers on an exterminate or so. 

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Hi DE, hope you guys had a wonderful holiday. I have a suggestion, how about making the Operators use the Zaw crafted Melee weapons instead of the Warframes. That would really be awesome and make us be able to use our Operators fully in missions. Think about implementing that please. Also can we have vacuum of some sort for our Kavats and Kubrows also. Thanks.

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Can we have Plains specific graphics/physics settings? Optimisations (after an update/change) are necessary for some players to even load in, if those players had a way to unburden their computers a bit more, they may be able to join friends and enjoy the Plains even more. I feel that this will only become more important as content focus shifts (even further) to the Plains, especially with the stated intention to implement more Open World areas.

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On 1/10/2018 at 12:24 PM, (PS4)TexasTwurkT3am said:
***This was fixed on the latest PC patch as of the time of this edit, unsure if it can be hotfixed on consoles but THANK YOU SO MUCH. It was driving me insane lol***
Can Void Mode/Dash please be fixed or at least acknowledged for those of us who use controllers? PC has a workaround since they can remap crouch; consoles don't, and crouch is fine where it is. It's the slide that's the problem. Operator slide could be double tap, or moved; it doesn't matter. It's a gimmick that rarely gets used and took place of something most people use every single mission. Void Dash is a very integral part of Operator gameplay and the added delay that didn't exist at all before PoE can be pretty frustrating for those of us accustomed to the old way.
Since this comes up every time it's mentioned, we are not saying Void Dash doesn't work at all, just that the added delay since slide took it's controller mapping leads to us doing the stupid dance in this GIF more often than Dashing since we have been doing it the exact same way at the same speed for the entire year before PoE
Here's 9 different threads from one Google search of "warframe controller void mode", with the first two threads having loads of responses that show how big of an impact it is:

The console Ghoul Purge update (currently building in house) will include the fix for this:

  • Fixed Operators not being able to instantly Void Dash via crouch+jump in some cases, particularly when using a controller and trying to do crouch+jump simultaneously because crouch normally needs to be held on controllers to enter Void Mode. Crouch still needs to be tapped to roll and held to Void Mode, but you can now crouch+jump together to instantly Void Dash instead of having to wait for crouch to work.

Thanks for the constructive and detailed report!

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