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Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

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Could we get Distillers for Lens? In the same way you can distill Arcanes.

Also welcome back.

And please come back Space Mom ;_;

EDIT: P.S. Will/Is the Orbiter due to another expansion similar to how it opened up around the time of the Second Dream? Since our 3 doors at the bottom are now all revealed. While I hate to turn this into a two-part question the thought just occured to me. For years now there have been cables and other bits of the interior broken or falling apart. Will we ever get the option to repair all that? Nidus room could also look quite well if we cleaned up the infestation.

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Good things you could do for the game in individual small updates:

  • 12m Universal Vacuum with a switch in the menu. Lack of Universal Vacuum hinders companion diversity. You could sell prime armor for pets, you could make animal companions into a so much bigger part of the game. Sentinel-exclusive Vacuum is the one thing that holds pets back the most. Don't be afraid to implement it. Sentinels won't be left unused, they have so much utility and fit all warframes - tanky or not. Sentinels would be fine.
  • Make Void nodes into permanent fissures. This would allow players' choice of a mission type. Right now we don't have an option to choose whatever fissure mission type we want to play.
  • Guaranteed Kuva rewards to Kuva fortress mission rotations. If you're afraid that regular Kuva missions would be left unused, make it so kuva rewards in kuva fortress missions aren't amplified by resource boosters. (seriously though, current kuva missions are literally fissures 1.0, and that was a horrid game mode, yet you've kept kuva missions unchanged for a whole year)

P.S. Quests are a waste of your time. You spent a whole year on TWW and people finished it in under an hour. Quests amount to a tiny % of the playthrough, yet you focus development on them while practically ignoring the core gameplay. Why even do this? Seriously.

P.P.S. Same with mastery fodder guns and warframes. Who all this gear is even made for? New players don't need new guns - there's plenty enough in the game. For the old players it's just more of the same thing. 

P.P.P.S. You cannot beat content fatigue with more content. Only with rewarding replayable core gameplay. Warframe is a COOP hodre shooter with space magic. It's not a puzzle game, nor is it an MMORPG. Why don't you want to accept the game's identity, DE? When was the last time we had a gameplay update? The effort-reward system of the game is still completely broken since Void 2.0. That's why prime gear is so cheap on the market these days!

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20 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

We have a new streaming space! We’re going to break it in with our first Devstream of 2018!

That's cool !
Anyways, i want to know the progression info about Solar Rail Conflict. Do you guys have planning something for Clan & Alliance that will make it more rewarding ?

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3 minutes ago, DesertTrooper said:

Will there be any more or even bigger wildlife in the plains for us to hunt (by that I mean actually big animals that are able to scratch us a little and don't die by just poking them)? Having more diverse things to hunt would be interesting, especially during Daytime, where there are no Eidolons stomping around.

i agree more wildlife on da plains would be nice 


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When can we see a revamp to Arcane Enhancemnts and Aura mods? Currently both systems have their meta (Energize and Corrosive Projection), but the other 95% of the system is useless. It would be nice to see player choice expanded and real niches and uses be introduced.  This might also help the reason no one runs trials, and Aura mods would have a real factor in team play, not just running 4 CP.

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3 minutes ago, AperoBeltaTwo said:
  • Make Void nodes into permanent fissures. This would allow players' choice of a mission type. Right now we don't have an option to choose whatever fissure mission type we want to play.

As nice of an idea that is, I feel it would then cause a problem of never being able to find a squad in certain nodes as nobody else wants to play them.

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Welcome back Devteam! Glad to see you refreshed.

As for my questions:

  1. Does Scott have plans for how the 'morality' system is going affect general or operator gameplay?
  2. How's the idea of operator melee going?
  3. More operator fashion when?
  4. A tease of the sacrifice or at the very least 'the apostasy' proper?
  5. #Givebackspacemom

Thank you for reading, and best of luck in this fifth year!

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17 minutes ago, Thundervision said:

The 2018th Year

  • What this year will be for the game? The Year of Quests? Or maybe the Landscapes?

Apostasy and Sacrifice quests

  • If you happened to read some theories, thoughts or ideas, were any of them closer or perhaps even nailed your ideas for said quests' events?

The Ancension

  • Seeing how Dr. Tengus betrayed Hek and released the Infestation only fuels my desire to serve him the justice. Will we face him in the game, and if we will, how soon? Also, will he find the purpose of the old Fomorian Ships we sabotaged in the Sling-Stone operation?

Damage 2.5; IPS

  • This subject was probably the most controversal thing the community had to deal with in the last year. Did the amount of feedback it received inspire or give you more ideas how to handle the physical damage making both Impact and Puncture being as useful as Slash?

For example (not lobbying!), Impact could scale up this way: Current Stagger / Stronger and Longer Stun / Strong Blow that opens affected enemy for Finishers, so rather than ping-ponging ragdolled enemy all over the place you'd just hit him hard enough to finish him off. Given your plans to implement dual wielding for one-handed Secondary and Melee (any word on this one, by the way?) this seems to be a good and fluid combination.

Damage 2.5; Elemental Damage

  • While we're yet to hear anything on this part of the Damage 2.5, can you give any hints or share your plans how you want to handle Toxin & Gas, Magnetic and Blast procs? I did mention the Blast because, personally, I think that initially planned ragdoll for Impact fits Blast much better.
  • Will Gas procs be useless against the Grineer and Corpus' personnel as long as they have their masks on, but the moment you shoot them off the Gas kicks in and becomes really lethal?
  • Shamelessly borrowing Cold procs from the Mass Effect and Borderlands' The Pre-Sequel games:
  Reveal hidden contents



So... Any chance that having Cold alone with >100% Status would mean that you can literally freeze affected enemies solid giving them Melee and Blast (having Cold on Secondary and Blast on Primary) damage resistance debuffs?

Resistance 2.5

  • SInce we're getting Damage 2.5 first, I assume 3.0 is either IPS with Elemental and Enemy Resistance being all-in-one parts, or just the Resistance part itself? Anyway, I would like to hear if you guys consider any chance to address the scaling issue? I mean, if you cap the enemy level, that one part of broken armour/damage scaling not only goes away, but also gives you more space for tinkering and defines the line when 'hard is hard'. You have the enemy level cap, you can tinker with max. possible enemy count on the map, you can tinker with Weaknesses and Resistances with greater effect.

I mean, with the gear we currently have doing Endless Missions is just a matter of getting or not getting bored rather than not being able to kill stuff past certain point. Alternatively, you could make a synergy between any sort of armour and IPS damage, basically the way the Ambulas' body armour works: say, inflict enough Impact procs to destroy armour plates to weaken the enemy while Puncture could simply let your hits/shot bypass said body armour.

Status 2.0

  • Aside from over 100% Status utility, have you considered the individual (per enemy type) effects of elemental procs? For example, the Radiation could be bad for Crewmen working the way it currently does <100%, but against the robotics having >100% could simply disable MOAs (unalarmed state, disabled Eximus aura, finishers etc.), while for Crewmen it would cause the radiation sickness: disorientation leading to accuracy, reaction and movement debuffs. Something like that.

Continuous weapons

  • Do you consider moving back to original Damage 1.0 for continuous weapons with damage per ammo consumed? Or making their own mods, because sharing the Rifle mods don't help that much. Or, maybe, making them work the way the Void beam does? Bullet-based weapons can deal status per bullet's hit while the continous weapons are limited to dealing both damage and status per second.

Arcanes 1.0

  • Any chance you will change your mind and let us transfer 1.0 Arcane effects to new helmets? It reallly hurts when you are sticking to the old helmet because it has sweet stats to balance your build out while being unable to simply transfer its stats to Tennogen/Prime/Delux helmets you really like.

Arcanes 2.0

  • Are you going to expand the PoE features by separating current arcanes into: Warframe / Primary / Secondary / Melee categories with their own slots?

Modular guns

  • Do you have any plans about making modular guns? Zaw seems to fit the Ostron thematically, but will the Corpus settlement be specilized on the modern energy and ballistic weaponry instead? For example, Fallout 4's Weapon Modding is pretty similar: you have Grip and Stock categories that determine what you get: Side arm or Primary. Then you have other various stats which are affected by chosen mod: recoil, action points (for using in V.A.T.S.), Crit-Chance and Crit-Damage, Armour-Piercing damage or just damage etc.

Individual extraction from Excavation and Survival missions

  • Do you have any plans on implementing similar to PoE feature in Survival, Excavation and the other game modes?

Warframe, Weapon augments, Syndicate weapons

  • Will we see more of Syndicate weapons and augments? Any ETA on Warframe augments? I think we had enough Augment polls in DC subforum and yet so few actually made it into the game, I understand you were busy with the Plains and all, but still, just wondering.

 «Sentinel Repair-kit» consumable item

  • How do you like an idea of implementing Sentinel Repair-Kit consumable which would work the way Archwing works on the Plains? Upgrade the Sentinel segment and craft consumable x50 repair-kits, so you could repair your destroyed sentinel as long as you have enough kits in your gear menu. Could've been a meaningful resource sink.

Second bounty board on the Plains (QoL)

  • Personally, the lack of it was the main reason I didn't bother with the Ghouls event in the first place. I did a few runs, got 2 or 4 fragments and just couldn't continue moving back and forth just to pick the same Bounty. The question is simple, do you have plans to put a second Bounty Board outside the Cetus?

I don't think it would hurt the Cetus anyhow: if you need trading or Vendors, you still need to enter the settlement. Having the board outside would be just a great QoL change and sure would make the player's experience much better.

PoE Cetus arsenal and foundry

  • Could you please let us use Operator Arsenal in the Quills' place to customize, change Focus School and AMPs there instead of departing to Orbiter to fly back after? The same thing goes for our Foundry, what if our warframes could get an access to Old man Suumbaat's foundry for some:credits:?

Image result for anime clap gif

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Question 1: Will you make some primary/secondary zaws?

Question 2: Do you plan to make eidolons drop other type of stuff besides cores?

Question 3: Do you plan to introduce more plannets/zones on the solar system?

Question 4: Will you allow more spaceship costumization, besides the headquarters? What about new stations on the ship such as the foundry and the mod station?

Question 5: Have you thought about what will happen when it will be possible to reach level 30? What will thoose players do then?

Question 6: I know you've been already asked this but, will you make another open area?

Question 7: Will you introduce more syndicates with diferent types of rewards?

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3 minutes ago, Zahnny said:

As nice of an idea that is, I feel it would then cause a problem of never being able to find a squad in certain nodes as nobody else wants to play them.

This problem exists right now as well. My suggestion won't make it neither better nor worse.

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As of now Frost Prime along with many primes from his generation do not hold up to more recent primes, in terms of stat boosts. Would it be possible to buff values for primes like Frost, Rhino, Mag, Excal, Ember Etcc..

Also, especially true for frost he is in desperate need of a remodel, even removing prime bits does nothing to the model. A post was made ages ago with with huge positive reception with this concept



And yet was not added into the game despite it being a very simple non rework tier modification.


And then of course with the controversial gara changes, I think it's also time to discuss the changes to frost and the relation ship we have about duration based infini health casts.


  A post that i sent to steve via twitter and it has garnered warm reception. What i hope to achieve is to keep frost where he is in terms of power while not garnering huge reliance on spam casting with actual synergy which is what is needed for him in particular.


In essence, when ill our frosti boi get some love?


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- Will operators be able to perform handshakes & pet interactions any time soon?

- Is there anything about Helminth planned? I really like him/her/it.... whatever entity that is, and right now it doesn’t do much and it’s not even clear what it is.

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31 minutes ago, Lored said:

How about: 

  • new Clan management system;
  • fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
  • more flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system;
  • stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).

And, when new wf augments planning?

How about giving the Clan Founders being able to remove Clan Leaders who haven't been around for over 2 years? I have two that don't want to play it anymore, and don't want to redownload Warframe just so they can "Leave the Clan."  It's frustrating because I have more ppl who want their friends to play... I don't want to expand the clan's "occupancy" just to allow 3 more to join. My clan is 30 "weak," and don't want to expand it to 100!?! That's just dumb.

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