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Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

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I got a question thats been on my mind for a while. With exploring majority of the derelict / eris infested corpus / europa destroyed ship tiles. Is there ever any plans to bring a lot of the rooms from those tilesets into their normal counterparts for the ships they belonged to / void tile set? Theres a lot of interesting rooms on those that makes you wonder. Hm what would these look like in their pristine state before they were all run down?

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I've been using the Lanka recently thanks to a riven, and I can't help but wonder if it's ever going to get a new model? Not only is it the same as the Snipetron, it doesn't look nearly as cool as other powerful corpus weapons like the Opticor or Arca Plasmor, and doesn't use the accent color channel.

Also, can we have the ability to color warframe helmets independently? This would let us mix and match skins and helmets more freely, deal with issues like Proto Excalibur's face plate using his metallic channel, and generally improve fashionframe.

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Welcome back!

Will we ever be able to choose a 'theme' for our main clan hall(s), something that can give it a little more atmosphere and personality? Such as a night theme with much dimmer lighting, or something more aquatic and reminiscent of Uranus' sealab tilesets with water running down the walls, or overgrown with plant life and filled with the sounds of birds? I really think the dojo as a whole needs a bit of love of attention, and I'd definitely like to see something like this in the future.

Also, Khora soon? :')

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how bout more buildings on plains would be cool to see valkyr zipping around spider-man style or ivara surfing around on her ziplines. also pvp on plains archwing dog fights ????? more of a connection between being on and off world konzu could send u off world for a mission or vice versa n don't  4get bout iron wake on earth maybe a connection between there n the plains!!!!!! something like escorting ppl or supplies from cetus to iron wake would be a gd way. and a gravity frame would be nice 


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Since Khora will be able to change her damage types at will, and IPS changes are in the pipeline, what does this mean for Chroma since elemental damage is getting another pass right after? 

Additional, have you considered changing spectral scream to work like a combination of harrow and gara's first ability? Tap to shoot a single line of energy, hold to shoot a large wave? His first feels awful to use. 

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Prime Noggles, with the new space on shelves etc. I'd love to see them added! Oh, and shelves, more shelves we dont have to build ourselves would be cool. :3

I'd also love some more options to customize the operator, more hairstyles, sliders for hight and body types, to make them look a bit more feminin/masculin or something.

In addition, I'm looking forward to Zephyr Prime. Please let her be next DE :3 One of my favorite frames!

Are there any plans for a petbar? Or something similar to have a more direct control of the companions? It would be so cool if I could control/time the buffs of the kavats a bit more to the situation I'm in, still have cats eye on auto-cast, but maybe let me switch it off and activate it manually when i need it.

As a previous post mentioned, the Lanka could def need some love. Or in general a new cool sniper skin to use for all of them (the vulkar and rubico are so hideous).

And last, when will the next round of tennogen items be implemented?


Thanks so much for making this game better almost every week. I can't put it into words how much I love playing it, it's absolutely crazy. :heart:

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Welcome back! Time to kick the new year off with stuff you wouldn't touch for the entirety of the last.


Archwing and Archweapon Slot Limitations

I still refuse to let this slide, it was strictly insulting. We're able to use Archwing in Plains of Eidolon, so hey, it's even a little more pertinent.

Telling us about the limitation on Archwing gear and slots to be bought for platinum 11 hotfixes into Specters of the Rail was NOT a solution to disingenuously sneaking it in without adequate, fair forewarning in the first place.

Relevant thread popularity banner and all, and second thread after the first was unjustly closed before the problem has been addressed.

What do you intend to do to give players a fair compensation or opportunity to acquire the free slots they could and often would have had grandfathered in if given proper notice of the change?


Unanswered Questions:

Polarisation and Forma

Q: Separate to the issue of relevelling after Forma use, will there be any change to Forma and Polarisation to avoid 'wasted' forma in future?

A lot of posters seem to bemoan the lack of Forma drops, while some like myself rarely end up using it at all because of the downsides of removing build flexibility. Is there any chance of a Polarisation quality of life change so we don't have to suffer our obsolete polarity builds when balance changes and new mods happen? Body Count and Blood Rush gave melees more reason to want Madurai slots, while the upcoming removal of 'mandatory' base damage and multishot mods might ruin heavily Madurai polarised guns. Times change, and while we have to relevel our gear for every Forma we use, even if less in the proposed new Mastery Rank relevance change, making our efforts, our time and our resources wasted is not a satisfying element of the game.

Here's my original thread on the subject and a solution, with more discussion from another player's similar suggestion here.

Another thread here as well. Threads keep popping up about new Forma, better Forma, different Forma on a regular basis. The system needs overhauling.

Now: We have 'lower limit' modding capacity, making it more comfortable to level weapons by using them after Forma.

However, some still recognise that there's a bigger issue than just "when do I get to use a polarised item again". The growing mod load with Primed and other high-drain mods demands a lot out of our very limited drain, as often do Sorties for most weapons to perform adequately. The user-unfriendliness of polarisation impacts negatively on flexibility and fun, and I doubt I'm the only one who tends not to use it where possible to not lock myself out of half my mod collection.

Ammo Rework for the QOL of High Consumption Weapons

Q: Is there a possibility of a more significant ammo rework to fix bugs and aid balance of several weapon classes?

With static ammo pickups and certain restrictions, high ammo consumption weapons often fall short, not in raw DPS which they compete evenly in, but because they just can't keep going for long before they're completely dry and relying on pickups/Restores. We also see such bugs as the Sniper+Castana ammo restriction issue, recently addressed by a half-application of my own suggestion for the issue overall, using Pistol ammo for 'special' secondaries but with a different actual restoration numbers.
My suggestion here attempts to address all of that, as well as opens up balance levers by allowing any ammo type to be used for secondaries. There's also a chance for this to bring currently unused Max Ammo mods up to a functional level by allowing them to improve ammo gained per pickup (while not making Mutation obsolete either).

The Twin Rogga now exists for the other half of the equation - using nonpistol ammo, but in its normal amounts. Between the 'special' secondaries and the Rogga, tech is clearly in place to implement this rework in a full and sweeping manner. Any idea of when it might happen?

Using Mod Ranks Below Fusion Level

Q: Why force users to potentially hold many mods of lesser fusion, instead of being able to use ranks up to the fused maximum?

This has been mentioned in passing at times, but it's still ridiculous that we can't have this quality of life with the current modding system. It seems like something that would be an inherent part of a system where drain ranges so wildly and precise values are so aggressively tweaked (Corrupted Mods, looking at you).

Can the data load of a handful of extra bytes per loadout (to identify the rank of the slotted mod to use) really be higher than the load involved with having an actual incentive to hold multiple mods all with their own fusion levels? Can it even be anything but a drop in the bucket in comparison to simply holding thousands of instances of mods?

Reviving Degenerate Gameplay Practices

Q: Why did Resonant Quake get released as is and when will it be reworked to stop the repeat of Blind Mirage shenanigans in removing squad agency?

Don't really need to say much about this. Resonant Quake Banshee is Blind Mirage with less energy efficiency. It removes the gameplay on single-tile maps and almost does as much anywhere defending, and energy restores allow it to be used near-indefinitely.

You know balance is important as well as we do - well, most of us. Like Blind Mirage and Simulor spamming effortlessly removing the gameplay experience with no recourse for those affected but to abort and/or solo, the AFK-friendly unrestricted stunlocking is not appropriate.

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Infested seem under-represented as an enemy faction in void-fissure missions because a lot of their presence on the star-map is not eligible for fissure missions. Would you consider expanding fissure missions to dark sector nodes and derelict missions to provide more variety in enemy factions?

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Any ETA on how long we have to deal with LOrdis?

With Hives of Venus(or whatever Venus free roam area will be called) will Corpus get their spider proxies?

Will more wildlife come to the plains in near futhure? Right now its prety empty in this regard.

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